Outdated definition

Outdated means any (a) non-perishable merchandise with less than thirty (30) days remaining shelf life or which has a manufacturer's date by which it must be sold that is less than thirty (30) days after the Applicable Inventory Date, or (b) any perishable merchandise with less than the lesser of (X) three (3) days remaining shelf life or which has a manufacturer's date by which it must be sold that is less than three (3) days after the Applicable Inventory Date or (Y) one-half of its original shelf life remaining. At the Closing, the parties will append to this Agreement a schedule setting forth the Applicable Inventory Date and the Effective Time (as defined below) for each of the Stores.
Outdated means unused within the period recommended by the manufacturer; “industry specifications” means ....

Examples of Outdated in a sentence

An Outdated Strategic Plan and Obsolete Caseload Standards Limit Management’s Efforts to Ensure EfficiencyFinally, t he SPB’s strategic plan offers little guidance to t h oseworking in t he Division of Appeals.

To learn more and sign up, contact us today! *All “Peace of Mind” customers must pre-pay to be accepted into the program.**Acts of God, obsolete parts, electrical systems, rust and accessories are not covered.Don’t Get Zapped By an Outdated Panel – Call Leggett Inc.Leggett, Inc.

Regulatory Barriers: The Act was passed 17 years ago, but plant protection regulations are yet to be published Outdated regulations undermine both export potential and the safety and quality of agricultural products traded.

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Prospectus means the prospectus included in a Registration Statement (including, without limitation, a prospectus that includes any information previously omitted from a prospectus filed as part of an effective registration statement in reliance upon Rule 430A promulgated under the Securities Act), as amended or supplemented by any prospectus supplement, with respect to the terms of the offering of any portion of the Registrable Securities covered by a Registration Statement, and all other amendments and supplements to the Prospectus, including post-effective amendments, and all material incorporated by reference or deemed to be incorporated by reference in such Prospectus.
Preliminary Prospectus means any preliminary prospectus referred to in paragraph 1(a) above and any preliminary prospectus included in the Registration Statement at the Effective Date that omits Rule 430A Information.
Defective Work means (a) Work that is unsatisfactory, deficient or damaged, does not conform to the Contract Documents, or does not meet the requirements of any inspection, test or approval, or (b) Work associated with punch list items that the Contractor fails to complete within a reasonable time after issuance of the punch list by the Project Manager.
Latent Defects means such defects caused by faulty designs, material or work-man- ship which cannot be detected during inspection, testing etc, based on the technology available for carrying out such tests.