Option Transaction definition

Option Transaction means a transaction in respect of an Option Product, excluding Forward Transactions, that is entered into by an Option Party and Exchange for the purchase or sale of such product, the terms of which shall include this Agreement and for greater certainty also includes the particulars applicable to such Option Product as set forth in Schedule “E”;
Option Transaction shall have the meaning provided in Section 6.2.2 hereof.
Option Transaction means the option transaction between the Issuer and the Counterparty relating to the Notes evidenced by a confirmation dated as of 23 February 2007;

Examples of Option Transaction in a sentence

  • Recourse Against Exchange – Exchange agrees to pay the Cash Settlement Amount, MTM Settlement Amount and Daily Financially Settled Futures Settlement Amount, if any, to the Contracting Party in respect of a Financially Settled Futures Transaction and Exchange agrees to pay the Option Premium Amount to the Option Seller in respect of an Option Transaction, each case to the extent required under the terms applicable to such Financially Settled Futures Transaction or Option Transaction.

  • Confirmations – Exchange agrees to electronically deliver the appropriate Confirmations to the Contracting Party as soon as reasonably possible after the entering into each: (i) Physically Settled Futures Transaction; (ii) Financially Settled Futures Transaction; (iii) Forward Transaction; and (iv) Option Transaction, respectively.

  • The Option Agreement will become legally binding as and from the time that the Option Transaction details are orally agreed between us in the telephone call.

  • AVERAGE RATE OPTIONS For any Currency Option Transaction whose terms provide for the calculation of an average rate based upon the rate of the Greek Drachma in exchange for another currency (for the avoidance of doubt, a currency other than the euro or any national currency unit) (the "non-euro currency"), part (iii) of the definition of "Business Day" in Annex 4 shall apply for the purpose of determining whether a day is a Calculation Date (as defined in the 1998 FX Definitions).

More Definitions of Option Transaction

Option Transaction shall have the meaning provided in Section 6.2.
Option Transaction means a transaction that provides the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to purchase or sell a commodity specified in such transaction.
Option Transaction shall have the meaning specified in Recital E.
Option Transaction has the meaning specified in Section 6.4.
Option Transaction means, in respect of a Non-Euro Obligation which is a Revolving Collateral Obligation, a foreign exchange option transaction entered into in respect thereof, with Rating Agency Confirmation under an Option Agreement.
Option Transaction means an over the counter Call Option or Put Option on Currencies or Precious Metals that you have entered into and/or anticipate entering into with us in accordance with section 4 clause 7.8.
Option Transaction means equity option transactions as defined under the 2002 ISDA Equity Derivatives Definitions.