Reorganization Transaction definition

Reorganization Transaction means a merger, reorganization, consolidation, or similar transaction or a sale of all or substantially all of DST's assets other than any such sale which would result in a Related Party owning or acquiring more than fifty percent (50%) of the assets owned by DST immediately prior to the sale.
Reorganization Transaction means: (i) any merger, consolidation, recapitalization, liquidation or other business combination transaction involving the Company; (ii) any tender offer or exchange offer for any securities of the Company; or (iii) any sale or other disposition of assets of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries in a single transaction or in a series of related transactions in each of the foregoing cases constituting individually or in the aggregate 10% or more of the assets or Voting Securities (as applicable) of the Company.
Reorganization Transaction see clause (c) of the definition of "Change of Control."

Examples of Reorganization Transaction in a sentence

  • The Borrower may at any time and from time to time, including for purposes of complying with Section 6.07 or effecting a Permitted Reorganization Transaction, designate any Eligible Additional Guarantor as an additional Guarantor hereunder, in each case by delivery to the Administrative Agent of a Guarantor Joinder Agreement executed by such Eligible Additional Guarantor and satisfaction of the conditions with respect to such Eligible Additional Guarantor set forth in Section 4.03.

  • In case of any Reorganization Transaction, appropriate adjustment, as reasonably determined in good faith by the Board of Directors shall be made in the application of the provisions herein set forth with respect to the rights and interests of the Holder so that the provisions set forth herein shall thereafter be applicable, as nearly as possible, in relation to any such shares or other securities or property thereafter deliverable upon exercise of Warrants.

  • Without limiting the foregoing sentence, the provisions of Sections 2.13 and 2.14 of the Distribution Agreement shall apply to the Reorganization Transaction and the Assignments.

  • If the Debtors pursue the Reorganization Transaction, the Debtors shall implement the Reorganization Transaction as set forth herein.

  • The Debtors shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause the Effective Date to occur, the Exit Facility to close, and the Reorganization Transaction to close, in each case, as soon as is reasonably practicable following the date of this Plan.

More Definitions of Reorganization Transaction

Reorganization Transaction see clause (d) of the definition ofChange of Control.”
Reorganization Transaction see clause (c) of the definition ofChange in Control”.
Reorganization Transaction see the definition of "Change of Control."
Reorganization Transaction means (excluding any transaction covered by Section 7) any reclassification, capital reorganization or other change of outstanding shares of Common Stock of the Company (other than a subdivision or combination of the outstanding Common Stock and other than a change in the par value of the Common Stock) or any consolidation or merger of the Company with or into another corporation (other than a merger in which the Company is the continuing corporation and that does not result in any reclassification, capital reorganization or other change of outstanding shares of Common Stock issuable upon exercise of this Warrant) or any sale, lease transfer or conveyance to another corporation of the property and assets of the Company as an entirety.
Reorganization Transaction means a merger, consolidation or combination of the Company with another corporation or entity or any similar reorganization of the Company, the complete liquidation of the Company, or the sale of all or substantially all of the assets of the Company.
Reorganization Transaction means, collectively, (a) issuance of the New Common Stock; (b) the distribution of the Reallocated Amount to holders of Allowed Senior First Out Term Loan Claims (other than Plan Sponsor) in exchange for 100% of the New Common Stock in accordance with Section 4.3 of the Plan; (c) execution of the Amended Organizational Documents; (d) vesting of the Reorganized Assets in the Reorganized Debtors, in each case, in accordance with the Plan; (e) the Reorganized Debtors Exit Facility, if elected; and (f) the other transactions that the Debtors and the Requisite Term Lenders reasonably determine are necessary or appropriate to implement the foregoing.
Reorganization Transaction means those certain transactions undertaken for tax planning and reorganization purposes of the Dutch Borrower and its Subsidiaries as set forth in that certain step plan delivered to the Administrative Agent.