Recorder definition

Recorder means either a personal video recorder (PVR) or digital video recorder (DVR) which must satisfy the following features:
Recorder means the county recorder or a deputy recorder or employee designated by the county recorder.
Recorder means the office of the recorder of the county

Examples of Recorder in a sentence

  • If a document evidencing a change in ownership is presented to the Recorder for recordation without the concurrent filing of a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report, the Recorder may charge an additional recording fee of twenty dollars ($20).NOTICE: The property which you acquired may be subject to a supplemental assessment in an amount to be determined by the County Assessor.

  • These officials are the Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder, Sheriff and Attorney.

  • Upon approval by the Council, the final map will be transmitted to the County Engineer for filing with the County Recorder.

  • AUTHORIZE the Real Estate Section, Bureau of Engineering, to record the Resolution with the Los Angeles County Recorder.

  • Comments which cannot be made within these limits should be submitted in writing to the City Recorder prior to noon the day before the meeting.

More Definitions of Recorder

Recorder means the recorder of deeds of the county in which the property is situate.
Recorder means the recorder established by section 68;
Recorder means a dentist, dental hygienist, physician, physician assistant, or nurse who is authorized to record screening information and sign the Certificate of Dental Screening form.
Recorder means the county recorder for the county in which a document is received.
Recorder means the auditor, re- corder, clerk or other person or officer of a local government serving as clerk of the lo- cal government or performing the clerical work of the local government, or other offi- cial or employee as the governing body of a local government shall designate to act as recorder.
Recorder means a town clerk, pursuant to 24 V.S.A. § 1154, or a
Recorder means a provincial mining recorder appointed under section 6; (“registrateur”)