Parish definition

Parish means the Church of England parish in which the Academy is situated or one which it serves;
Parish means the ecclesiastical parish in which the Academy is situated or one which it serves;
Parish means a Ministry Unit designated by geography.

Examples of Parish in a sentence

  • At the time of closing, the E&P LLC will certify in writing to Parish Attorney and Clerk of Court that the number of days mandated by LS-R.S. 47:2201 et.

  • BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, by the Ouachita Parish Policy Jury, that the Police Jury President is hereby authorized to execute a Cash Sale of the above described adjudicated property to the highest acceptable bidder.

  • AND TO AUTHORIZE THE OUACHITA PARISH POLICE JURY PRESIDENT TO SIGN ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTS AND TO ADDRESS THE MATTERS RELATIVE THERETO WHEREAS, the immovable property described below was adjudicated to the Parish of Ouachita on July 12, 2011 for nonpayment of taxes; and WHEREAS, the three (3) year period for redemption, as well of the five (5) year redemptive period provided by Art.

  • The Parish Council Planning Committee resolved that this application be approved.

  • T.F. Finch, Soil and Land-Use Surveys, No. 7: Jamaica, Parish of Clarendon, Trinidad, West Indies: The Regional Research Centre of the British Caribbean at the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture, June 1959, p.

More Definitions of Parish

Parish means any of the 12 parishes of Jersey;
Parish means a particular church established within the territory of a Diocese and, for the purposes of the Plan, the civil entity that conducts the civil business of a parish.
Parish means, except in sections 21(2)(g) and 62(4), a parish constituted for ecclesiastical purposes, and does not include a conventional district.
Parish means a parish within the Archdiocese Territory that is Archdiocese-recognized as Catholic.
Parish means a corporation comprising the Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry of a parish continued or created under the Anglican Church Act, 2003; and
Parish means East Baton Rouge Parish.
Parish means the Parish of St. Tammany, State of Louisiana.