Off-Peak Period definition

Off-Peak Period means the period during which the demand on an electric utility system is not at or near its maximum. For the purpose of this section, the off-peak period includes all hours that are not in the peak period.
Off-Peak Period means the time not included in the Peak Period. RATE REP (Continued) PURCHASE AND SALE: Purchases and sales shall also be subject to the following general terms and conditions: a. The Company shall not be obligated to purchase or sell at a time of System Emergency.b. The Customer shall sell the total production of the Facility to the Company.c. The Customer shall receive service for their load at the appropriate retail rate from the Company. The applicable rate is not impacted by the Customer’s participation in Rate REP.d. The Company may limit total participation under this Rate REP to 1% of the Company’s retail electric kWh sales from the prior calendar year. INTERCONNECTION CONDITIONS AND COSTS:(a) The Company, subject to prior compliance by the Facility with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations, shall make parallel interconnection with the Facility in such a way as to accomplish purchases and sales as described in Sections (b) through (f).(b) The Facility shall comply with the National Electrical Safety Code, as supplemented, the applicable requirements of 170 IAC 4-4.3, and the Company's rules and regulations for electric service.(c) Interconnection Costs from the Facility to the Company's distribution or transmission system, including those costs of (d) and (e) below, shall be borne by the Facility. There shall be no obligation on the Company to finance such interconnection.(d) The Facility shall install, operate, and maintain in good order such relays, locks and seals, breakers, automatic synchronizer, and other control and protective apparatus as shall be designated by the Company for operation parallel to its system. The Facility shall bear full responsibility for the installation and safe operation of this equipment.(e) Breakers capable of isolating the Facility from the Company shall at all times be immediately accessible to the Company. The Company may isolate the Facility at its own discretion if the Company believes continued parallel operation with the Facility creates or contributes to a System Emergency. System Emergencies causing discontinuance of parallel operation are subject to verification by the Commission.(f) To properly record numbers of kilowatthours for, respectively, purchase and sale, the following configurations shall be the basis for metering.
Off-Peak Period means the days and weeks not included in the gas utility’s peak period.

Examples of Off-Peak Period in a sentence

  • A surcharge will apply to the monthly bill in the month in which an Off-Peak Period Customer utilizes service during the Peak Period, equal to 24 times the product of the Customer's contract demand and the difference between the Contract Demand Charge applicable to Peak Period Customers and the Contract Demand Charge applicable to Off-Peak Period Customers.

  • An Off-Peak Period Customer is a Customer who will require service under this Service Classification during the months of November through April, inclusive, but will not use service at any time during the Peak Period.

  • Subject to the availability of the Company's steam system capacity, the Off-Peak Period Customer will become a Peak Period Customer in the month following the surcharge and thereafter.

More Definitions of Off-Peak Period

Off-Peak Period means the period from 22.00 hours to 06.00 hours on the next day;
Off-Peak Period means a period that is not a Peak Period.
Off-Peak Period means any hour that is not an On-Peak Period.
Off-Peak Period means the period between 21h: 00 before midnight and 5h: 00 after midnight; "Occupier" means in relation to any premises
Off-Peak Period means all the days of any given Contract Year other than the Peak Period days.
Off-Peak Period means the period between 2200 hours and 0800 hours.
Off-Peak Period means the period commencing 7:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time April 1 to 7:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time November 1.