Look-back Period definition

Look-back Period means, with respect to any Employment Violation by Grantee, the period beginning on the date which is 12 months prior to the date of such Employment Violation by Grantee and ending on the date of computation of the Recapture Amount with respect to such Employment Violation.
Look-back Period means the two (2) year period ending on the date of my Termination of Employment.
Look-back Period means a 12-month period prior to a breach of the applicable section of this Agreement.

Examples of Look-back Period in a sentence

  • Therefore, in order for the Claims Administrator to be able to balance your Claim, the requested purchase information during the 90-Day Look-Back Period must also be provided.

More Definitions of Look-back Period

Look-back Period means the two (2) year period immediately preceding the earlier of: (1) the date on which the definition in question is being determined; or (2) the date when Executive is no longer employed by the Company, whether pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise.
Look-back Period means the two (2) years preceding the termination of Executive’s employment by Company, whatever the cause;
Look-back Period means a period for which a qualified applicant
Look-back Period means the three completed fiscal years immediately preceding the date on which the Company is required to prepare a Material Financial Restatement, with such date being the earlier of: (i) the date the Board, a committee of the Board, or the officer or officers of the Company authorized to take such action if Board action is not required, concludes, or reasonably should have concluded, that the Company’s previously issued financial statements contain a material error; or (ii) the date a court, regulator, or other legally authorized body directs the Company to restate its previously issued financial statements to correct a material error.
Look-back Period means each calendar year following the Commencement of Operations for a Bloom System (or, in the case of the calendar year in which the Delivery Date for a Bloom System has occurred, the portion of such calendar year commencing on the date such Bloom System achieved Commencement of Operations), but excluding with respect to each relevant Bloom System any period during such calendar year when such Bloom System was (a) subject to a Force Majeure Event, (b) not delivering Energy to the PJM Grid because of a failure to perform by DPL under the DPL Agreements or PJM under the PJM Agreements, or (c) required to be disconnected from the PJM Grid or otherwise required not to deliver Energy to the PJM Grid as the result of a Legal Requirement or action by or a directive from the applicable electric utility or PJM with respect to such Bloom System (e.g., due to a grid event).
Look-back Period means the last two (2) years of Executive’s employment with the Company, or whatever lesser period of time Executive has been employed at the Company if not employed for two (2) years or more, including any period of employment with a predecessor or Affiliate of the Company; or, if the foregoing is not enforceable, then such lesser period as the applicable court or arbitrator deems enforceable to protect the Company’s legitimate business interests.
Look-back Period means the last two years of Participant’s employment or such shorter period of time as Participant was actually employed or engaged to provide personal services to the Company or its subsidiaries.