ODHS Designee definition

ODHS Designee means the ODHS or AAA Case Manager or Diversion/Transition Coordinator primarily responsible for coordinating the Individual’s services.
ODHS Designee refers to the ODHS or AAA Case Manager or Diversion/Transition Coordinator primarily responsible for coordinating the Individual’s Services.
ODHS Designee refers to the staff person identified and authorized by the Referring Agency as the employee primarily responsible for coordinating the Client’s care with the Contractor, Case Manager, or the Diversion/Transition Coordinator.

Examples of ODHS Designee in a sentence

  • Contractor shall screen all Individuals being considered for placement under this Contract and review screening results and all related service planning information with relevant Service Planning Team members, including the ODHS Designee, prior to establishing a targeted admission date.

  • Engage Contract Administrator and ODHS Designee within 72 hours of a change of condition which results in an immediate revision to the Service Plan or a Less- Than-30-Day notice.

  • In addition, the MOU shall be reviewed annually by Contractor and CMHP, with a copy provided to Contract Administrator and ODHS Designee.

  • Contractor shall notify the ODHS Designee of an unexpected and immediate absence of the Individual from the program.

  • Contractor shall engage in discharge and transition planning with the Individual and their identified support network, as well as the Contract Administrator and ODHS Designee.

  • Contractor shall notify the Contract Administrator and ODHS Designee within 10 days of any vacancy of Contractor’s licensed nurses or facility Administrator.

  • Contractor agrees to participate in ODHS or ODHS Designee review of the facility prior to the renewal of Contract period.

  • Contractor shall coordinate and participate in a minimum of one Transition Planning meeting prior to the targeted admission date with Individual and/or the Individual’s identified support network, both the referring and receiving ODHS Designee and a representative of the provider(s) currently providing Services to the Individual (as applicable).

  • Contractor and the ODHS Designee shall mutually determine the targeted admission date and mutually confirm the actual admission date after receiving confirmation of ODHS Central Office final approval.

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More Definitions of ODHS Designee

ODHS Designee means the ODHS or Area Agency on Aging employee usually a Case Manager, or the Diversion/Transition Coordinator who is responsible for overseeing referrals, authorization admissions, authorizing the Client’s benefits and participating on the Client’s care planning team.
ODHS Designee means the Department or AAA Case Manager primarily responsible for coordinating the Individual’s services.

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