Obviously definition

Obviously the word "accordingly" here follows Paragraph 4 on increasing freedom of trade by the development, through voluntary agreements, of closer integration between the economies and precedes the provision on the formation of a customs union or of a free trade area as between the territories of contracting parties. It is not difficult to understand from these GATT provisions that the formation of a closer economic partnership between WTO Members is not only consistent with the theme of the WTO but also a right of the Members concerned. Mainland China and Hong Kong are both Members of the WTO and neither of them made any commitment on the non-formation of a closer economic partnership or free trade area at the time of their accession to the WTO. Hence, the CEPA is not only consistent with the principles and provisions of the WTO but it is also a specific measure for both parties, especially the Mainland, to liberalize trade which should be upheld and encouraged. h

Examples of Obviously in a sentence

  • Obviously, the complainant would have to establish maladministration.

  • Obviously, qualifying expenses that you incur late in the Plan Year for which you seek reimbursement after the end of such Plan Year will be paid first before any amount is forfeited.

  • Obviously, qualifying expenses that you incur late in the Plan Year or during the Grace Period for which you seek reimbursement after the end of such Plan Year and Grace Period will be paid first before any amount is forfeited.

  • Obviously, information that would affect the market price of a security (price sensitive information) would be material.

  • Obviously, duration will be impacted by patient compliance, as well as availability of services.

  • For instance, someone discovers that water filters of a known construc- tion also filter out gases dissolved in the water along with the dirt particles.240 Obviously, he could not patent this and stop others from continuing to filter water with those water filters, even if the filters have the added advantage of gas removal.

  • Obviously we can’t help everyone, and our services might not be a good fit for you.

  • Obviously there is not a "one size fits all" answer, but the resident engineer can work out logistics as necessary.

  • Obviously, all situations cannot be covered, so the classifier’s decision must be based on UCR standards and the results of law enforcement investigation.

  • Obviously some discretion can be afforded if an offence disclosed is isolated and there are mitigating circumstances, but the overriding consideration is the protection of the public.

Related to Obviously

  • Goods/Materials means any of the articles, materials, machinery, equipments, supplies, drawing, data and other property and all services including but not limited to design, delivery, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning specified or required to complete the order.

  • Nonconformity or “Nonconformities” means any failure or failures of the Software to conform to the requirements of this Contract, including any applicable Documentation.

  • Fill material means any pollutant which replaces portions of surface water with dry land or which changes the bottom elevation of a surface water for any purpose.

  • Charcoal lighter material means any combustible material designed to be applied on, incorporated in, added to, or used with charcoal to enhance ignition. “Charcoal Lighter Material” does not include any of the following: (A) electrical starters and probes, (B) metallic cylinders using paper tinder, (C) natural gas,

  • Cover material means soil placed over a soil dispersal component composed predominately of mineral material with no greater than ten percent organic content. Cover material may contain an organic surface layer for establishing a vegetative landscape to reduce soil erosion.

  • Fissile material means the radionuclides uranium-233, uranium-235, plutonium-239, and plutonium-241, or any combination of these radionuclides. "Fissile material" means the fissile nuclides themselves, not material containing fissile nuclides. Unirradiated natural uranium and depleted uranium and natural uranium or depleted uranium, that has been irradiated in thermal reactors only, are not included in this definition. Certain exclusions from fissile material controls are provided in 10 CFR 71.15.

  • Inappropriate material means material that deals with matters such as sex, cruelty or violence in a manner that is likely to be injurious to children or incompatible with a school or preschool environment.

  • Inappropriate use means a use that is inconsistent with an educational purpose or that is in clear violation of this policy and the Acceptable Use Agreement.

  • Recycled material means any material that would otherwise be a useless, unwanted or discarded material except for the fact that the material still has useful physical or chemical properties after serving a specific purpose and can, therefore, be reused or recycled.

  • Standard Materials means all Materials not specified as Custom Materials.

  • Dredged material means material that is excavated or dredged from surface waters.

  • Construction material means an article, material, or supply brought to the construction site by the Contractor or a subcontractor for incorporation into the building or work. The term also includes an item brought to the site preassembled from articles, materials, or supplies. However, emergency life safety systems, such as emergency lighting, fire alarm, and audio evacuation systems, that are discrete systems incorporated into a public building or work and that are produced as complete systems, are evaluated as a single and distinct construction material regardless of when or how the individual parts or components of those systems are delivered to the construction site. Materials purchased directly by the Government are supplies, not construction material.

  • Disposable respirator means a respirator for which maintenance is not intended and that is designed to be discarded after excessive breathing resistance, sorbent exhaustion, physical damage, or end-of-service-life renders it unsuitable for use. Examples of this type of respirator are a disposable half-mask respirator or a disposable escape-only self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

  • nanomaterial means a natural, incidental or manufactured material containing particles in an unbound state or as an aggregate or as an agglomerate and where, for 50 % or more of the particles in the number size distribution, one or more external dimensions is in the size range 1-100 nm;

  • Respiratory protective equipment means an apparatus, such as a respirator, used to reduce an individual's intake of airborne radioactive materials.

  • Postconsumer material means a material or finished product that has served its intended use and has been discarded for disposal or recovery, having completed its life as a consumer item. Postconsumer material is a part of the broader category of “recovered material.”

  • Recyclable material means a material generated by the entity's operations, including aluminum, steel containers, aseptic packag- ing and polycoated paperboard cartons, high-grade office paper, and corrugated cardboard.

  • Plant and materials means: The Plant and materials in respect of which an advance payment prior to manufacture is required, which the City of Cape Town has agreed may be subject to advance payment, such Plant and materials being listed in the Schedule of Plant and materials.

  • special nuclear material shall have the meaning given it in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 or by any law amendatory thereof.

  • Labeled means equipment or materials to which has been attached a label, symbol or other identifying mark of a nationally recognized testing laboratory, inspection agency, or other organization concerned with product evaluation that maintains periodic inspection of production of labeled equipment or materials, and by whose labeling is indicated compliance with nationally recognized standards or tests to determine suitable usage in a specified manner.

  • Licensed Material means the artistic or literary work, database, or other material to which the Licensor applied this Public License.

  • Printed Materials means all artwork and mechanicals set forth on the disc label of the PlayStation Disc relating to any of the Licensed Products and on or inside any Packaging for the Licensed Product, and all instructional manuals, liners, inserts, trade dress and other user information to be inserted into the Packaging.

  • Explosive material means any chemical compound, mixture, or device which produces a substantial instantaneous release of gas and heat spontaneously or by contact with sparks or flame.

  • Cloud Materials means any materials provided or developed by SAP (independently or with Provider’s cooperation) in the course of performance under the Agreement, including in the delivery of any support or Consulting Services to Provider or its Customers. Cloud Materials do not include any Customer Data, Provider Confidential Information, or the SAP Cloud Service.

  • Recyclable Materials means materials that are separated from mixed municipal solid waste for the purpose of recycling or composting, including paper, glass, plastics, metals, automobile oil, batteries, source-separated compostable materials, and sole source food waste streams that are managed through biodegradative processes. Refuse-derived fuel or other material that is destroyed by incineration is not a recyclable material. (Minn. Stat. § 115A.03, Subd. 25a)

  • Adapted Material means material subject to Copyright and Similar Rights that is derived from or based upon the Licensed Material and in which the Licensed Material is translated, altered, arranged, transformed, or otherwise modified in a manner requiring permission under the Copyright and Similar Rights held by the Licensor. For purposes of this Public License, where the Licensed Material is a musical work, performance, or sound recording, Adapted Material is always produced where the Licensed Material is synched in timed relation with a moving image.