Labour Commissioner definition

Labour Commissioner means the individual appointed as Labour Commissioner in terms of in section 120;
Labour Commissioner means the person appointed or deemed to have been appointed as such in pursuance of the provisions of section four;
Labour Commissioner means the person appointed in the Public Service to be the Labour Commissioner and includes any person authorised in writing by the Labour Commissioner to act on his behalf;

Examples of Labour Commissioner in a sentence

  • In case an appeal is made by the contractor under Clause 14 of these regulations actual payment to the labourers will be made by the Executive Engineer after the Regional Labour Commissioner has given his decision on such appeal.

  • This in essence put the authority of the Labour Commissioner to grant same exemption and by necessity the investigation as to whether She had such powers.

  • Appeal against the decision of Labour Welfare Office -Any person aggrieved by the decision and recommendations of the Labour Welfare Officer or other person so authorised any appeal against such decision to the Regional Labour Commissioner concerned within 30 days from the date of decision, forwarding simultaneously a copy of his appeal to the Executive Engineer concerned but subject to such appeal, the decision of the officer shall be final and binding upon the contractor.

  • On the fourth point, in the award of the learned Arbitrator, it has been clearly stated and conceded to that the Labour Commissioner did grant exemption to Ellerine Holdings Limited, which issue was common cause to both parties.

  • No fine should be imposed on any worker save in respect of such acts and omission on his part as have been approved by the Chief Labour Commissioner.

More Definitions of Labour Commissioner

Labour Commissioner. ' means the Labour Commissioner appointed
Labour Commissioner means the person for the time being in charge of the Labour Department;
Labour Commissioner means a person appointed to the office of Labour Commissioner by the Public Service Commission;
Labour Commissioner means the Labour Commissioner appointed under section 43(l) of the Labour Institutions Act;
Labour Commissioner means the Labour Commissioner referred to in section 1 of the Labour Act, 2007;
Labour Commissioner means the individual who holds the office of that name described in section 118;
Labour Commissioner means the person appointed as Labour Commissioner under section 9;