Labour Commissioner definition

Labour Commissioner means the individual appointed as Labour Commissioner in terms of in section 120;
Labour Commissioner means the person appointed in the Public Service to be the Labour Commissioner and includes any person authorised in writing by the Labour Commissioner to act on his behalf;
Labour Commissioner means the person appointed or deemed to have been appointed as such in pursuance of the provisions of section four;

Examples of Labour Commissioner in a sentence

  • The Contractor shall maintain in English, Hindi & Oriya a list approved by the Labour Commissioner, clearly stating the acts and omissions for which penalty or fine may be imposed on a workman and display it in good condition in a conspicuous place on the work site.

  • On any question as to the application, interpretation of effect of these rules, the decision of the Chief Inspector of Factories & Boiler, Labour Commissioner and Provident Fund Commissioner as the case may be shall be final and binding.

  • If the CONTRACTOR is covered under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, he shall obtain a license from licensing authority [i.e. office of the Labour Commissioner] by payment of necessary prescribed fee and the deposit, if any, before starting the work under the Contract.

  • Provided that the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) or an officer authorized by the appropriate Govt.

  • No fines should be imposed on any worker save in respect of such acts and omissions on his part as have been approved of by the Chief Labour Commissioner.

More Definitions of Labour Commissioner

Labour Commissioner means the person for the time being in charge of the Labour Department;
Labour Commissioner. ' means the Labour Commissioner appointed
Labour Commissioner means a person appointed to the office of Labour Commissioner by the Public Service Commission;
Labour Commissioner means the person appointed as Labour Commissioner under section 9;
Labour Commissioner means the Labour Commissioner appointed under section 43(l) of the Labour Institutions Act;
Labour Commissioner means the person appointed as such under section four of the Employment Act; Cap. 268
Labour Commissioner means the individual who holds the office of that name described in section 118;