National Sporting Organisation definition

National Sporting Organisation means any organisation that is (or was at the time of any alleged breach of this By-Law) a member of CGA, and includes National Federation as referred to in and consistent with the Code, and Program Sport as defined in the CGA constitution.
National Sporting Organisation means a national federation recognised by Sport Australia as the entity responsible for governing the Organisation’s sport or sporting discipline nationally;
National Sporting Organisation or “NSO” means a sporting association recognised by the ASC as that sport’s peak body in Australia.

Examples of National Sporting Organisation in a sentence

  • The application(s) will be forwarded, with a recommendation from NZSSSC, to the relevant National Sporting Organisation that may or may not, at its sole discretion, approve the application.

More Definitions of National Sporting Organisation

National Sporting Organisation means a body whichrepresents members involved in a particular type of sporting event or activity in New Zealand; and
National Sporting Organisation means the respective national sporting bodies duly responsible for the

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