Material Substitution Sample Clauses

Material Substitution. Substitution of a specified material will only be accepted if the proposed material is satisfactorily demonstrated to the Engineer to be equal in all respects or superior to the original on which the design was based. Recycling and/or reconstitution of solders braze metals, white and bearing metals, tin, zinc, cadmium and similar materials is not permitted without the specific approval of the Engineer. In each case it is expected that virgin metals or their exact equivalent will be used.
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Material Substitution. Except where otherwise indicated, whenever a material or a piece of equipment required in the Work is shown in the specifications by using the name of the proprietary product or .that of a particular manufacturer or vendor, any material, equipment, device, or article that will in the City's opinion at least equally perform the same duties imposed by the general design, considering quality, workmanship, economy of operation, and suitability for the purpose intended, may be considered "equal" and substituted for the material or piece of equipment originally specified. In the event Contractor desires the City to consider an item for substitution, Contractor shall submit a written request, which shall give all pertinent details and comparisons ofthe substitute with the item specified. The City will notify Contractor in writing of its acceptance or rejection. In all cases, new material shall be used. Contractor shall pay all costs resulting from inspection or testing ofmaterials or equipment proposed for substitution.
Material Substitution. If the design of any feedthrough or filtered feedthrough changes to allow alternate materials and those materials are lower or higher in cost than previous materials, prices will be discussed and mutually agreed upon at that time.
Material Substitution. Unauthorized material substitution and/or unauthorized replacement materials or Goods will not be accepted by Xxxxxxxxx. These materials will be handled in accordance with Section 13 (Inspection and Rejection for Nonconformance).
Material Substitution. A. The bidder to whom a contract is being awarded shall file all requests for materials substitutions within 30 days of the approval of award of the contract.
Material Substitution. Prohibition There shall be no substitutions of like or similar goods without written authorization by an authorized representative from Crystal Group. Unauthorized material substitution includes any deviation from the engineering definition of a raw material. Engineering definition includes Buyer design drawing and applicable specifications, product specification, form, size, shape, chemistry, melt method, origin, temper/condition, product testing or surface finish. Alternate materials specified in the engineering definition (and often described as approved material substitutions therein) do not constitute unauthorized material substitution. Unless specifically authorized by the engineering definition, conversion of a raw material (i.e. heat treat to change the temper or condition of the material) constitutes material substitution of the condition provided by the manufacturer and shall not be done with authorization from Crystal Group. B engineering drawings may refer to obsolete or superseded specifications covering several forms, thicknesses, widths, etc. of the alloy or alloys. The required characteristics of these materials are defined not only by the objective test standards of the specification, but by the processes/methods by which this final form is achieved. These requirements are often captured in the definitions of the required material forms, and may not be explicitly called out in the detailed requirements. The raw material certification results from both the process used to make it and the tests to verify basic properties. Seller shall ensure that metallic materials covered by current or obsolete/superseded specifications are produced using the standard industry practices designed strictly for the production of stock to the specified thickness, diameter, width or cross-sectional area, achieved by thermo-mechanical processing or casting process. Chemical, electrochemical and mechanical methods used for the removal of surface scale or contamination, or the production of the required surface finish, in accordance with the material specification are acceptable. Raw material must not be re-certified with respect to thickness, diameter, width or cross-sectional area or product form. Machining or cutting of thicker product or other product forms shall not be supplied in lieu of specified product unless specifically authorized by Buyer. Raw material certifications for material or parts shall reflect the form and size of the raw material as originally...
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