Minor Defects definition

Minor Defects means Defects which do not prevent the Works from being reasonably capable of being used for their stated purpose and which can be rectified by the Contractor without prejudicing the convenient use of the Works by the Principal.
Minor Defects means deviations from the technical specification agreed between the BUYER and the CONTRACTOR and attached to the CONTRACT that will have, to the best knowledge of the BUYER and CONTRACTOR no effect on the final performance, reliability, maintenance, operation, safety of the WORKS AND/OR EQUIPMENT. This definition applies only to clause 18 last paragraph and clause 20.2.1 and does not limit BUYER’s claims under WARRANTY or statutory warranty.
Minor Defects means any defect other than a Major Defect.

Examples of Minor Defects in a sentence

  • Correction of Minor Defects in or Amendment of Subordinated Debt Securities.

More Definitions of Minor Defects

Minor Defects means that the peanut kernel is not damaged but is affected by one or more of the following:
Minor Defects means any defects or inconsistencies of the Premises with the Project Documentation that are not the Major Defects;
Minor Defects means a defect or non-conformance that is only minor in nature. Negotiation has the meaning given in clauses 14.6(a) and 14.8.
Minor Defects means conditions under which the Product is usable and the condition does not adversely affect BTE’s operations. These problems are those resulting in a minor failure that is cosmetic or de minimis in nature.
Minor Defects means incomplete Lessor’s Works or those performed with poor quality which do not prevent from use and/or operation of the Premises in accordance with their Intended Purpose, as determined in Clause 2.6 of Appendix 3.
Minor Defects means Defects which can or have caused a low-level disruption of function(s). Such defects can result in data latency but not in essential or IL2 or IL3 functions. The integrated system and the function continue to operate, although with a failure. Such a disruption or non-avail- ability of some functionality can be acceptable for a limited period of time for IL1 functions. Minor defects could cause corruption of some none critical data values in a way that is tolerable for a short period.
Minor Defects means defects in the Evolutio Products that do not have a significant effect on the functionality, reliability, performance, or quality of the Evolutio Products.