Merged definition

Merged means that a partial model is integrated into an existing model. The main motivation for this is concurrent modeling, variant handling, differ- ent responsibilities along e.g. a component development process.
Merged shall have their respective correlative meanings.
Merged or "Sold" shall mean the consummation of any transaction or series of transactions in which a person or group of related or affiliated persons obtains ownership of stock of the Corporation sufficient to exercise control over the operations of the Corporation and such person or group does not presently have the ability to exercise such control. Such a merger or sale shall be deemed to have taken place if:

Examples of Merged in a sentence

  • Note: For subscribers of the CRSP Compustat Merged database, additional CCM database environments will be displayed for the location of the Compustat data.

  • These competitors are likely to be in a position to exert significant competitive constraint on the Merged Entity.

  • The Committee shall determine at its absolute discretion where the Merged Club is to be included in the NLS for the following Playing Season subject to the provisions of item 6.5.5 below.

  • Merged credit reports that comply with program guidelines are acceptable.

  • Merged hospitals are subject to the application requirement in subsection (c)(3)(E) of this section.

  • OCD and any other of the Reorganized Debtors whose employees are covered by the Merged Plan shall assume and continue the Merged Plan, satisfy the minimum funding standards pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 412 and 29 U.S.C. § 1082, and administer the Merged Plan in accordance with its terms and the provisions of ERISA.

  • Indian Hills Community College is a publicly supported school established and operated by Merged Area XV under the provisions of Chapter 260C of the Code of Iowa.

  • The number of directors of the Association of Unit Owners of the Merged Project shall be three (3); provided, however, that if there are one hundred (100) or more units in the Merged Project, the number of directors of the Association of Unit Owners of the Merged Project shall be nine (9), unless the By-Laws are amended to reduce the number of directors.

  • Athletic officials presently certified by either the Magnolia Association or the Mississippi Association shall be certified by the Merged Association.

  • To the extent the Committee has not received investment direction from a Participant before December 15, 2005 with respect to his or her Predecessor Plan Account or Merged Plan account, such Predecessor Plan Account or Merged Plan account shall be credited with earnings based upon a default investment option under the Savings Plan designated as such by the Committee or in accordance with such other rules as may be adopted by the Committee and applied on a consistent, uniform basis.

More Definitions of Merged

Merged means, in respect of a legal entity (a “Merged Originator”), that as a result of a legal act (rechtshandeling) between such entity and an Originator, all assets and liabilities (vermogen) of such entity have transferred to such Originator on a general legal basis (algemene titel) as referred to in article 2:309 of the Dutch Civil Code, with such legal entity being the disappearing entity.

Related to Merged

  • Consolidation means the consolidation of the accounts of each of the Restricted Subsidiaries with those of the Company in accordance with GAAP; provided that “Consolidation” will not include consolidation of the accounts of any Unrestricted Subsidiary, but the interest of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary in any Unrestricted Subsidiary will be accounted for as an investment. The term “Consolidated” has a correlative meaning.

  • Amalgamating Corporations means both of them;

  • Merger has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Surviving Corporation has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.

  • Surviving Person means, with respect to any Person involved in or that makes any Disposition, the Person formed by or surviving such Disposition or the Person to which such Disposition is made.

  • Amalgamation means the amalgamation of the Amalgamating Corporations as contemplated in this Agreement;

  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary of any Person means a Subsidiary of such Person, 100% of the outstanding Capital Stock or other ownership interests of which (other than directors’ qualifying shares) shall at the time be owned by such Person or by one or more Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries of such Person.

  • Articles of Amalgamation means the Articles of Amalgamation with respect to the Amalgamation.

  • Substantially all means a sale, lease, exchange or other transfer involving seventy percent (70%) or more of the fair market value of the assets of such entity; or

  • Constituent means any State resident or other person

  • Successor Corporation means a corporation, or a parent or subsidiary thereof within the meaning of Section 424(a) of the Code, which issues or assumes a stock option in a transaction to which Section 424(a) of the Code applies.

  • Corporation means a corporation, association, company, joint-stock company or business trust.

  • Successor Person has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 6.03(b)(i).

  • Successor Parent with respect to any Person, means any other Person with more than 50% of the total voting power of the Voting Stock which is, at the time the first Person becomes a Subsidiary of such other Person, “beneficially owned” (as defined in Rules 13d-3 and 13d-5 under the Exchange Act) by one or more Persons that “beneficially owned” (as so defined) more than 50% of the total voting power of the Voting Stock of the first Person immediately prior to the first Person becoming a Subsidiary of such other Person.

  • Wholly Owned Subsidiary Guarantor any Subsidiary Guarantor that is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Borrower.

  • Predecessor Entity means a legal entity the existence of which ceased upon its acquisition by the Corporation in a merger or otherwise; and

  • Certificate of Amalgamation means the certificate of amalgamation to be issued by the Director in respect of the Amalgamation;

  • Successor Holdings has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 6.03(a)(v).

  • Successor Guarantor has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 4.01 hereof.

  • Predecessor Company means an entity whose ownership, title and interest, including all rights, benefits, duties and liabilities were acquired in an uninterrupted chain of succession by the company.

  • Wholly-Owned means, with respect to a Subsidiary of a Person, a Subsidiary of such Person all of the outstanding Equity Interests of which (other than (x) director’s qualifying shares and (y) shares issued to foreign nationals to the extent required by applicable Law) are owned by such Person and/or by one or more wholly owned Subsidiaries of such Person.

  • Acquiring Corporation means (i) the continuing or surviving corporation of a consolidation or merger with Issuer (if other than Issuer), (ii) Issuer in a merger in which Issuer is the continuing or surviving person, and (iii) the transferee of all or substantially all of Issuer's assets.

  • Non-Wholly Owned Subsidiary means, as to any Person, each Subsidiary of such Person which is not a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of such Person.

  • Successor Company shall have the meaning specified in Section 11.01(a).

  • Successor in Business means (a) an entity which acquires all or substantially all of the undertaking and/or assets of either Issuer or of a successor in business of either Issuer; or (b) any entity into which any of the previously referred to entity is amalgamated, merged or reconstructed and is itself not the continuing company;

  • Amalgamation Agreement means the agreement among MichiCann, Tidal and Subco in respect of the Amalgamation, to be substantially in the form attached as Schedule A to this Agreement;