Amalgamation definition

Amalgamation means the amalgamation of the Amalgamating Corporations as contemplated in this Agreement;
Amalgamation means the amalgamation of the Amalgamating Corporations pursuant to Section 182(d) of the OBCA in the manner provided herein;
Amalgamation has the meaning set out in the recitals hereof;

Examples of Amalgamation in a sentence

  • A copy of the order of the High Courtsanctioning the Scheme of Amalgamation shall be filed by the Transferor Company and the Transferee Company with Registrar of Companies, , within one month from the date the Order is received by the Transferor Company and the Transferee Company.

  • Dear Sir/ Madam, This is further to the above intimation and captioned subject, whereby we inform that Company has received observation letters from BSE Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (“Stock Exchanges”) dated March 14, 2024 and March 15, 2024 respectively in regards to Scheme of Amalgamation between Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (“Transferee Company”) and TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd.

  • A perusal of the present Petition discloses that initially the Petitioner Companies had filed a Company Application No. 3/ALD/2023 seeking directions of this Tribunal to dispense with the requirement of convening the meetings of the Equity Shareholders and Unsecured Creditors of the Transferor Company and the Transferee Company, for the purpose of considering and approving the Scheme of Amalgamation.

  • The Petitioner Companies are required to act upon as per terms and conditions of the sanctioned Scheme of Amalgamation.

  • It is also submitted that valuation exercise has been carried out to determine the share swap ratio for the proposed Scheme of Amalgamation.

More Definitions of Amalgamation

Amalgamation means the amalgamation as specified under Section 2(1B) of the Income-tax Act, 1961.
Amalgamation means the 2012 Amalgamation of the Supplementary Learning Support (SLS) and Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour services in the period from August 2012 to February 2013.
Amalgamation. , in relation to companies, means the merger of one or more companies with another company or the merger of two or more companies to form one company (the company or companies which so merge being referred to as the amalgamating company or companies and the company with which they merge or which is formed as a result of the merger, as the amalgamated company) in such a manner that—
Amalgamation means an amalgamation of Subco and Xxxxx pursuant to Section 269 of the BCBCA, on the terms and subject to the conditions set out in the Amalgamation Agreement and this Agreement, subject to any amendments or variations thereto made in accordance with the provisions of the Amalgamation Agreement and this Agreement.
Amalgamation means the amalgamation of the Predecessor Corporations to form the Corporation;
Amalgamation means the joining of two or more adjacent plots of the same land use in accordance with prescribed rules/ regulations.
Amalgamation has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6(b).