Medical Reports definition

Medical Reports means any reports generated by outside consultants of User engaged to perform medical or medical related testing or examination on or of such patient, and provided by User to Office Ally. In performing such service, Office Ally shall protect and preserve the confidentiality of such Medical Reports and any other Protected Health Information (“PHI”) received by Office Ally in conjunction therewith as is more specifically provided for in the Service Agreements, and subject to the terms and conditions thereof.
Medical Reports. One per adult member age 16 years or older. This must be completed by your physician, signed by your physician and the physician must also print their name and the date of the examination. You will also need to be tested for TB and HIV (16 and over) and include these test results in your home study packet. Please schedule this appointment as quickly as possible as completion of the Medical Report frequently delays the completion of the home study.
Medical Reports. All physicians, specialists, and consultants treating a Claimant or Recipient of Section 207-c benefits shall be required to file a copy of any and all reports with the Claims Manager. The Claimant or Recipient shall execute all necessary releases and shall be responsible for the filing of said reports. Claimant shall receive a copy of the medical reports filed with the Claims Manager. The medical reports, which are filed, shall remain confidential and only released for purposes of administering the procedure herein.

Examples of Medical Reports in a sentence

  • Before we can ask any doctor that you have consulted to complete a report, we need your permission under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.

  • Where this becomes necessary, the right of an employee to access any medical report is protected under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.

  • This includes Form of declaration of Good Health, Medical Reports, Special Reports, etc.

  • The disabled employee making the request must then provide the name and address of his treating physician, must sign an Authorization for Medical Reports and Records form, and will incur all expenses involved in obtaining the required medical documentation, including the costs of the medical examination and the costs of furnishing such medical or other supporting evidence regarding any injury or conditions.

  • Insurance companies should use the provisions of the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 to seek reports.

  • Access to Medical Reports Act 1988It may be necessary to obtain a medical report from Your usual Doctor/Medical Practitioner in connection with Your application to become a member under Your Plan.

  • These requests fall under the Access to Medical Reports Act (AMRA)1990.

  • Important informationPlease read carefully and keep for your records Access to Medical Reports Act 1988:You need to understand these rights before you agree to us requesting a report from the medical practitioner treating you.These rights do not relate to reports from practitioners who are not responsible for treating you.

  • Before doing so, however, you should read this note carefully, as it sets out your rights under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988, and the procedures for dealing with the reports.

  • Reports written by a doctor who has not been involved in your treatment, care or diagnosis or medical records that already exist, are NOT subject to the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.

More Definitions of Medical Reports

Medical Reports means the independent medical advice as detailed in Section 3, which is provided by the Contractor and contained within the completed referral files.

Related to Medical Reports

  • Geotechnical report or "geotechnical analysis" means a scientific study or evaluation conducted by a qualified expert that includes a description of the ground and surface hydrology and geology, the affected land form and its susceptibility to mass wasting, erosion, and other geologic hazards or processes, conclusions and recommendations regarding the effect of the proposed development on geologic conditions, the adequacy of the site to be developed, the impacts of the proposed development, alternative approaches to the proposed development, and measures to mitigate potential site-specific and cumulative geological and hydrological impacts of the proposed development, including the potential adverse impacts to adjacent and down-current properties. Geotechnical reports shall conform to accepted technical standards and must be prepared by qualified professional engineers or geologists who have professional expertise about the regional and local shoreline geology and processes.

  • Technical Report means a report prepared and filed in accordance with this Instrument and Form 43-101F1 Technical Report that includes, in summary form, all material scientific and technical information in respect of the subject property as of the effective date of the technical report; and

  • Medical Records the Study Subjects’ primary medical records kept by the Institution on behalf of the Study Subjects, including, without limitation, treatment entries, x-rays, biopsy reports, ultrasound photographs and other diagnostic images. Zdravotní záznamy: primární zdravotní záznamy Subjektů studie vedené Zdravotnickým zařízením ve vztahu k Subjektu studie, zejména záznamy o poskytnuté péči, zázanym o RTG vyšetřeních, protokoly o provedených biopsiích, snímky z ultrazvukových vyšetření a další snímky diagnostické povahy. Study Data: all records and reports, other than Medical Records, collected or created pursuant to or prepared in connection with the Study including, without limitation, reports (e.g., CRFs, data summaries, interim reports and the final report) required to be delivered to Sponsor pursuant to the Protocol and all records regarding inventories and dispositions of all Investigational Product. Studijní data a údaje: veškeré záznamy, zprávy a protokoly, jež jsou odlišné od Zdravotních záznamů, a které jsou získány, shromážděny či vytvořeny v návaznosti na či připraveny v souvislosti se Studií, zejména zprávy, záznamy a protokoly (např., CRFs, datové přehledy, mezitímní zprávy a protokoly, a závěrečná zpráva), které jsou požadovány, aby byly poskytnuty Zadavateli v souladu s Protokolem a veškerými záznamy ohledně inventurní evidence a nakládání s veškerým množstvím Hodnoceného léčiva.

  • Medical record means any document or combination of documents, except births, deaths, and the fact of admission to or discharge from a hospital, that pertains to the medical history, diagnosis, prognosis, or medical condition of a patient and that is generated and maintained in the process of medical treatment.

  • Annual Reports shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.3(d).

  • Medical Review Officer (MRO means a licensed M.D. or D.O. with knowledge of drug abuse disorders, employed or used by the City to review drug results in accordance with this procedure.

  • Financial Reports means the Annual Financial Statements and the Interim Accounts.

  • Reports has the meaning provided in Section 9.12(b).

  • Medical examination means the preliminary assessment of a person by an authorized health worker or by a person under the direct supervision of the competent authority, to determine the person’s health status and potential public health risk to others, and may include the scrutiny of health documents, and a physical examination when justified by the circumstances of the individual case;

  • Clinical record means a legible electronic or hard-copy history that documents the criteria established for medical records as set forth in rule 441—79.3(249A). A claim form or billing statement does not constitute a clinical record.

  • Medical assessment means an assessment of a patient’s medical condition secured by our Assistance Company working in conjunction with the Medical Evacuation Provider’s medical director and in collaboration with the attending physician. The Assistance Company in collaboration with the Medical Evacuation Provider, will utilize the assessment to determine at its sole discretion whether a Plan Holder is fit to fly; the most appropriate means to provide medical evacuation; the medical personnel who will be accompanying the patient on the transport; and to confirm the medical facility closest to one’s home can meet their medical needs. If the patient’s medical facility of choice is unable to provide the high level of medical care required by the patient, arrangements will be made to transport the patient to the appropriate medical facility closest to their home, or closest to patient's preferred medical facility in the US when possible.

  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) means a licensed physician responsible for receiving and reviewing laboratory results generated by the school district’s drug testing program and for evaluating medical explanations for certain drug tests.

  • Statistical record means a record in a system of records maintained for sta- tistical research or reporting purposes only and not used in whole or in part in making any determination about an identifiable individual, except as pro- vided by 13 U.S.C. 8.

  • medical surveillance means a planned programme or periodic examination (which may include clinical examinations, biological monitoring or medical tests) of employees by an occupational health practitioner or, in prescribed cases, by an occupational medicine practitioner;

  • Medical Reimbursement Programs means a collective reference to the Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE programs and any other health care program operated by or financed in whole or in part by any foreign or domestic federal, state or local government.

  • Statistical Release means the statistical release designated “H.15(519)” or any successor publication which is published weekly by the Federal Reserve and which reports yields on actively traded United States government securities adjusted to constant maturities or, if such statistical release is not published at the time of any determination under the Indenture, then such other reasonably comparable index which shall be designated by the Company.

  • State archives means the Division of Archives and Records Service created in Section 63A-12-101.

  • Practical examination means a demonstration through application of the safety rules and principles in industrial radiography including use of all procedures and equipment to be used by radiographic personnel.

  • Final Report means the report described as a final report in 14 RCW 42.17.080(2).

  • Project Management Report means each report prepared in accordance with Section 4.02 of this Agreement;

  • Controller of Examinations means the Controller of Examinations of the University;

  • Clinical review criteria means the written screening procedures, decision abstracts, clinical protocols, and practice guidelines used by a health carrier to determine the necessity and appropriateness of health care services.

  • Periodic Reports means the Company’s (i) Annual Reports on Form 10-K, (ii) any Quarterly Report to be filed on Form 10-Q and (iii) all other financial reports required to be filed by the Company with the Commission under applicable laws and regulations (including, without limitation, Regulation S-K) for so long as any amounts are outstanding under this Debenture or any Other Debenture; provided that all such Periodic Reports shall include, when filed, all information, financial statements, audit reports (when applicable) and other information required to be included in such Periodic Reports in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • SOS Reports means the official reports from the Secretaries of State of each Collateral State, Chief Executive Office State and the Borrower State and other applicable federal, state or local government offices identifying all current security interests filed in the Collateral and Liens of record as of the date of such report.

  • Medical Specialist means any medical practitioner who is vocationally registered by the Medical Council under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 in one of the approved branches of medicine and who is employed in either that branch of medicine or in a similar capacity with minimal oversight.

  • Financial Report means the annual financial report prepared under Chapter 2M of the Corporations Act for the Company and its controlled entities;