MCC definition

MCC means the Material Change Consultee being the second party to this Agreement;
MCC s Business” means the business of [running services for the carriage of passengers by railway] [operating] [being the infrastructure manager of] the Station and the Network;

Examples of MCC in a sentence

  • The informant has further submitted that excessive royalties charged by the opposite party, MCC and the imposition of performance license fees which the opposite party is not entitled to in the license agreement are unreasonable restrictions on competition and consequently the license agreement between the parties is an anti-competitive vertical agreement in violation of section 3(4) of the Act.

  • COURT-ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT COMPLIANCEUnder MCC Section 2-92-415, substantial owners of business entities that contract with the City must remain in compliance with their child support obligations throughout the contract's term.

  • Contractor should take particular notice of MCC 3-56-020 and MCC 3-56-125 which relate to payment of the tax for vehicles that are used on City streets or on City property by City residents.

  • In addition to the certifications regarding debts owed to the City in the EDS, Contractor is subject to MCC Sect.

  • The opposite party imposes MCC ranging from 30%-50% of playout which radio stations are required to pay irrespective of whether they play that amount of music.

More Definitions of MCC

MCC means Motor Control Centre;
MCC means any Merchant Category Code, which is a number assigned to a business by a Partner Merchant’s Acquiring Bank that is providing the credit card terminal, based on the type of goods or services provided by the Partner Merchant;