Government corporation definition

Government corporation. ’ means a cor- poration owned or controlled by the Govern- ment of the United States; and
Government corporation means any body corporate or corporation sole constituted by or under an Act that represents the Crown or that is declared under a regulation to be a government corporation for the purposes of this section;
Government corporation. ’ means a mixed-ownership Government corporation and a wholly owned Government corporation.

Examples of Government corporation in a sentence

  • The City shall make Hotel Occupancy Tax Payments as follows: • Commencing on the Sales Tax Effective Date for the Project and continuing on each anniversary thereof during the Term, City shall pay to Village Center Local Government Corporation 50% of all Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenues.

  • This aggregate cap on the Economic Development Grant payments shall not apply to any Hotel Occupancy Tax Payments made to Village Center Local Government Corporation, which payments shall not be capped.

  • COUNTY ATTEST: By: By: Title: Title: Date: Acknowledgement of County’s Participation in TechShare: TECHSHARE LGC BY: Title: Executive Director Date: TECHSHARE LGC BY: Title: Executive Director Date: Name and Address for Purposes of Notice: Executive Director TechShare Local Government Corporation 000 X.

  • The Local Government Corporation (“LGC”) at the request of Southwest Airlines Co. ("Southwest") issues bonds to finance the LFMP improvements, pursuant to an Indenture of Trust (the “Indenture”) with a corporate trustee (the “Trustee”).

  • In addition, only the TechShare Local Government Corporation and/or its contractors and subcontractors are permitted to implement the software.

More Definitions of Government corporation

Government corporation. ’ means a corporation owned or controlled by the Government of the United States; and
Government corporation means (i) a Corporation established by the Government under any law in force for the time being; and (ii) a Government company as defined in the Act.
Government corporation means a corporation
Government corporation means government corporation as defined in the Financial Administration Act;
Government corporation. ’ means an agency
Government corporation means a wholly
Government corporation means a corporation which is created by a law of the Borrower or incorporated and organized under the Borrower’s Corporations Code and in which the Borrower, directly or indirectly, has ownership of the majority of the capital or has voting control, including the subsidiary of any such corporation;