Definition of Marine Services Company

Marine Services Company means the company contracted to provide tug boat and other marine services to the LNG Vessels at the Facility.
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Examples of Marine Services Company in a sentence

Boland Title: Vice President OGLEBAY NORTON MARINE SERVICES COMPANY, L.L.C., by its Member ON Marine Services Company /s/ J.
In the event that the COTP determines that establishment of a security zone is appropriate, usually in response to a specific known or perceived threat, the Marine Services Company will confer with the COTP and provide any additional forces necessary to meet the security goals established at that time.
Operator security personnel on behalf of Owner will coordinate Facility activities with the Marine Services Company and the operators of the vessels.
To the extent deemed necessary by the COTP, the Marine Services Company, in concert with the vessel operators, will provide waterside security patrols to assist the COTP in enforcing the safety zone requirements.
Operator shall assist the Marine Services Company in coordinating all vessels calling on the Facility during the Operating Period and shall comply with all requirements of the FSP, the appropriate vessel security plan, safety zone requirements, and all other directions of the COTP.