Marina facility definition

Marina facility means any property used for renting or leasing
Marina facility means and refer to that certain facility, including all pilings, piers, docks, and appurtenances thereto, for the docking of pleasure boats and crafts, located or to be located in the navigable waters of Harkers Island and Back Sound immediately adjacent to that high land comprising the Existing Property as shown on Map.
Marina facility means a building, structure or place containing docking and boat service facilities including food and beverage service, and located on a navigable waterway, and where facilities for the sale of marine fuels and lubricants may be provided.

Examples of Marina facility in a sentence

  • The fisherman is in possession of and can provide a lodge receipt or slip rental receipt issued by the Port Eads Marina facility that demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the department, the number of consecutive days that the fisherman has been lodging or docking at the Port Eads Marina facility.

  • To maximize the efficiency and productivity of Wildlife and Fisheries staff, the Secretary may, at his discretion, or upon request of the operator of the Port Eads Marina facility provide on-duty personnel at the facility.

  • In order to transport fish from the remote Port Eads Marina facility back to a location accessible by land, a recreational fisherman may have a need to possess a limit on the water greater than what is allowed by general statewide possession limits for saltwater recreational finfish.

  • The Tenant agrees to hold Marina harmless, indemnify and defend marina from any claims of any other owners of property or vessels at the Marina facility arising out of contact with the Tenant's Vessel, and further agrees to be responsible to Marina facilities or property arising out of contact with Tenant's Vessel or any fuel or appurtenance therefrom, including, without limitation, dock damage, environmental fines, and all other liabilities.

  • Vessels with an overall length (LOA) less than 5 feet of the slip length will not be permitted without written permission of the M.A.O. Permission will be based upon maximum utilization of the Marina facility resources.

  • Marina facility users shall strictly comply with the instructions of the Port authority.In the days following the lifting of the state of emergency, check with the Marina Office if you are allowed onsite.The Marina Management will need to inspect the condition of the Marina facilities and confirm them safe prior to reopening to the public and restoring power, water or fuel supply.

  • Marina facility users include any person or entity : in the Marina at any time, who uses any Marina facilities, who is bound by a Lease agreement or other contract with the MFL Port authority.

  • Prepare the Marina facility for hurricane haul-out and storage.2. Provide sufficient storage space for the vessels under the Program.3. Notify the Program Members of implementation of this Program using provided contact information currently available to the Marina.4. Establish the haul-out schedule.

  • Any Marina facility user must be able to justify this obligation at the first request of the MFL Port authority under penalty of prohibition of entry or presence of the vessel in the Marina.

  • By signing, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the terms, rules, regulations and laws governing the use of the Marina facility.

More Definitions of Marina facility

Marina facility. Pier: Slip: Mooring Facility: Buoy No.: Vessel Name: Home Port: State Reg. No. or Fed. Doc No.: LOA: Beam: Draft: Type: P: S: MS: Gas: Diesel: Marine Ins. Co.: Policy No.: Use of Vessel (circle one): Pleasure Commercial Fishing Sight-seeing Sightseeing Sailing Water Taxi Dockage Fee (not including tax): $

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