The Presbytery definition

The Presbytery means the Presbytery of the bounds of the New Charge or charge concerned.
The Presbytery means the Presbytery of the bounds of the Local Ecumenical Partnership concerned.
The Presbytery means the Presbytery of Western Australia of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Examples of The Presbytery in a sentence

  • The Presbytery will ordain by prayer and the laying on of hands in the presence of a worshipping congregation.

  • The Presbytery shall consider any request for the termination of a placement in a Congregation made by the Church Council pursuant to a resolution carried by a two thirds majority of members present at a special meeting.

  • The Presbytery (the district council) consists of such ministers, elders/leaders and other Church members as are appointed thereto, the majority of elders/leaders and Church members being appointed by Elders’/Leaders’ Meetings and/or congregations, on a basis determined by the Synod.

  • The Presbytery with the pastoral responsibility for the ordinand may itself perform the ordination or, if the ordinand is to minister within another Presbytery, may arrange for that other Presbytery to ordain the ordinand.

  • PASTORAL CARE OF CANDIDATES AND CERTIFICATED CANDIDATES2.4.2 (a) The Presbytery which commended the applicant who has been accepted as a candidate shall arrange for the pastoral care and oversight of the candidate in consultation with the faculty or theological college council.

  • As per EPA’s initial submission, EPA Publication 347.1 Bunding Guidelines have been superseded by the EPA Publication 1698 Liquid Storage and Handling Guidelines 2018.

  • The Presbytery shall quantify the exact proportion of ministry which the Minister of the Charge shall continue to undertake.

  • The Presbytery shall determine whether or not a candidate is to be recognised as a Lay Preacher and shall, where appropriate, arrange for a service of worship at which such recognition will be acknowledged before the Church, and shall issue a certificate of recognition as a Lay Preacher.

  • The State Assembly may appoint meetings of Presbyteries to be held at times and places as it may resolve.(b) Planning Meetings: The Presbytery shall from time to time conduct forum-style meetings to review the work being undertaken within its bounds.

  • The Presbytery may conduct a consultation at any time on its own initiative, or at the request of the Church Council or of a Minister serving in a placement in the Congregation.

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