motorway definition

motorway means a road specially designed and built for motor traffic, which does not serve properties bordering on it, and which:
motorway means a road specially designed and built for motor traffic, which does not serve properties bordering on it, and which meets the following criteria:
motorway means a road designated and classified as motorway by regulations made under section 3(2) of the Roads Act;

Examples of motorway in a sentence

  • In accordance with the national master plan the Rijeka-Split Motorway (D-8) is an integral part of the national traffic network system.

  • City (Kent St) – West Pennant Hills Valley (Blacks Rd)From 28 July 2019From City (Kent St) (at Druitt Pl) via Kent St, Bradfield Hwy [Sydney Harbour Bridge], Warringah Fwy, Gore Hill Fwy, Lane Cove Tunnel, M2 Hills Motorway, Pennant Hills Rd, Aiken Rd, Taylor St, Highs Rd, Blacks Rd to end (West Pennant Hills Valley).From West Pennant Hills Valley (Blacks Rd) (at end) via reverse route to Bradfield Hwy [Sydney Harbour Bridge], then Western Distributor, Bathurst St, Kent St to Napoleon St (City).

  • Technical design of the highway improvement is in compliance with the Trans-European Motorway (TEM) standards.

  • Having regard to its proximity to the M4 Motorway and the provisions of the Spatial Planning and National Roads Guidelines for Planning Authorities (DoECLG, 2012) any planning applications for significant development on the site shall be the subject of a Transport Impact Assessment (TIA).

  • The Rijeka Bypass Motorway would take over the majority of the transit traffic, a significant portion of the origin–destination traffic as well as the local traffic heading across longer distances.

More Definitions of motorway

motorway means a road which is designated as such by the Member State in which it is located;
motorway means a State-controlled road that is declared to be a motorway under section 25 (Declaration of motorways).
motorway means Autocesta Zagreb-Macelj under concession regime.
motorway means a road especially designed and built for motor vehicles which does not serve the properties bordering on it except at special points and has separate carriage ways for the two directions of the traffic and does not cross at level with any road, railway, tramway, cycle tract or footpath;
motorway means The Logan Motorway as defined in the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994.
motorway means a road or part of a road designated as a motorway/freeway in terms of applicable legislation;
motorway means a public road or a proposed public road which is declared to be a motorway by order under section 2 of this Act;