local community definition

local community means any community of people living or having rights or interests in a distinct geographical area;
local community means community members who have an interest in education and the school, including neighbouring Métis settlements, First Nations and other members of the public;
local community means any community of people living, or having rights or interests, in a distinct geographical area within the coastal zone;

More Definitions of local community

local community in relation to the Council means that body of persons comprising-
local community means a group of individuals who have settled together and continuously inherit production processes and culture or a group of individuals settled together in a village or area and under an eco-cultural system;
local community means the town or city and the county of the location of the establishment; provided, a city or town and a county may jointly constitute the “local community”;
local community. The term Local Community means the counties in which the Bank has an office.
local community means the community of a town or other urban or rural area;
local community means the county in which the video game was disseminated.
local community means the meaning assigned to it in section 1 of the MSA;