Leased Real Properties definition

Leased Real Properties means those properties listed in Schedule 4.01(u).
Leased Real Properties shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.19(b).
Leased Real Properties means the leasehold interests (other than Mining Leases) held by any Hudbay Group Member in any real properties (including as described in Schedule 7.1(t) forming the subject matter of the Leases to which the applicable Hudbay Group Member is a party).

More Definitions of Leased Real Properties

Leased Real Properties means those real properties, including without limitation any land, buildings, fixtures and other improvements constituting real property, leased or otherwise used and occupied by CSC or one of its Subsidiaries and identified in Schedule 2.2, together with (i) all easements, rights-of-way, restrictions, reservations and other rights and interests appurtenant to such real properties and (ii) all of CSC’s or such Subsidiary’s rights, interests and obligations under any subleases, licenses or other agreements regarding the use or occupancy of all or any portion of any such real property.
Leased Real Properties has the meaning set forth in Section 4.9(c).
Leased Real Properties means all of the real property subject to a Real Property Lease.
Leased Real Properties has the meaning set forth in Section 3.20(b).
Leased Real Properties means the immovable property, lands, buildings and premises used in connection with the Business which are leased, subleased or with respect to which a right to use or occupy has been granted to any Target, a complete list of which is attached as Section 3.1.35 of the Disclosure Letter;
Leased Real Properties means Leases, together with all of Company’s interest under such Leases in the buildings, improvements, easements and appurtenances thereon and thereto.
Leased Real Properties means the real property leased pursuant to, and subject to, the Real Property Leases.