land use scheme definition

land use scheme means the land use scheme adopted and approved in terms of Chapter 3 and for the purpose of these By-laws include an existing scheme until such time as the existing scheme is replaced by the adopted and approved land use scheme.
land use scheme means the City’s land use scheme approved and adopted in terms of section 24(1) of the SPLUMA and section 6 of this By-law and it includes any other town planning scheme as well as any other legislation that operates as a town planning scheme that might still be in operation within the City’s jurisdiction until replaced by a single land use scheme.
land use scheme means the documents referred to in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 of the Act including any amendment scheme to the Land Use Scheme; and Town Planning Scheme and Land Use Scheme Regulations shall have the same meaning;

Examples of land use scheme in a sentence

  • All conditions included in a title deed of a land parcel within the municipality supersede the land use rights granted by the Ratlou Land Use Scheme.

  • Where any approval in terms of the Ordinance or a former zoning scheme has been acted on and constitutes a contravention of any provision in a zone in this Land Use Scheme, for the purposes of this Land Use Scheme it will not be considered to be an offence but a lawful non-conforming use.

  • The Municipality Council may prepare any overlay zone as provided for in this Land Use Scheme.

  • Where a rezoning application was approved prior to the commencement of this Land Use Scheme but has not yet been acted on, or where a rezoning was approved as contemplated in Section1.8.3 within the provisions of a former zoning scheme or town planning scheme, after the commencement of this scheme, the affected land unit/s in such approval shall be deemed to be allocated with a corresponding zone in accordance with this Land Use Scheme, where such an approval is acted on.

  • In this Land Use Scheme, annexures, appendixes, registers, any note on the zoning map and in any condition imposed in terms of this Land Use Scheme, the words and expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them in accordance with the definitions contained in Section2.1.1, except where another interpretation is clear from the context.

More Definitions of land use scheme

land use scheme. , in relation to an area, means a scheme established by or under legislation and that creates or regulates the use of land in that area, and includes a land use scheme, a town planning scheme, a zoning scheme and any other similar instrument that identifies or regulates rights to use land;
land use scheme. ’ means the documents referred to in Chapter 5 for the regulation of land use;
land use scheme means the land use scheme adopted by the Municipality in terms of this By-­‐law or any other national or provincial legislation;
land use scheme means the existing or future land use scheme of the Municipality, as envisaged in terms of the provisions of sections 24 to 28 of SPLUMA;
land use scheme means the adopted scheme regulations and maps of each region, including the register of amendments to the scheme and “scheme” shall have a corresponding meaning;
land use scheme means a land use scheme, which is in operation within the jurisdiction of the City of Johannesburg as contemplated in the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 16 of 2013, read with the COJ Municipal Planning By-law, 2016, and it includes any town planning scheme that is still in operation in terms of any old order legislation such as the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 15 of 1986; and any scheme or document which in terms of any applicable legislation is legally in operation and records or sets out, by means of maps, schedules or any other document, the development rights specifying the purpose for which land may lawfully be used or any buildings may be erected, or both;
land use scheme. ’ means a scheme which determines and regulates the use and development of land in an area in accordance with Chapter 4;