Investigation Team definition

Investigation Team means a group within the Compliance Department, whose function is to fulfill the investigative and enforcement responsibilities described in Rule 602.
Investigation Team means those persons authorised appointed consulted or approached by the Audit Committee or the Chairman of the Audit Committee and includes the auditors of3 the Company and the police.
Investigation Team means those persons authorized, appointed, consulted or approached by the HWBMT or the Multi-Level Competent Authority and may include the auditors of the Company or any External Agencies appointed by the Company. The size of the team shall be decided by HWBMT on case to case basis.

Examples of Investigation Team in a sentence

  • Prior to award of the contract or order, adequate Government resources are available to award and manage a contract other than firm-fixed-priced (see 7.104(e)).

  • The Investigation Team may not operate under the direction or control of any person(s) with trading privileges.

  • Absent mitigating circumstances, the Investigation Team must complete its investigation within twelve (12) months after the date the investigation is opened.

  • The Investigation Team will commence an investigation upon the receipt of a request from Commission staff or upon the discovery or receipt of information by the Exchange that, in the judgment of the Surveillance Team, indicates a possible basis for a finding that a violation has occurred or will occur.

  • The Investigation Team will investigate any matter within the Exchange’s jurisdiction of which it becomes aware.

More Definitions of Investigation Team

Investigation Team means a group of aircraft accident and incident investigators who are on call for immediate assignment to investigate an accident or incident.
Investigation Team. : means those persons appointed by the Ombudsperson, required for assistance in the investigation of the Protected Disclosure and who submit their findings to the Ombudsperson.
Investigation Team means any investigation team appointed in accordance with Clause 7;
Investigation Team means imec’s Research Integrity Officer, the appointed Members of the CSI as further defined in article 6.1 and the Chair.
Investigation Team means those persons authorized, appointed, consulted or approached by the Whistleblower Committee, as applicable and from time to time, in connection with further fact finding/ enquiry/ investigation into a Protected Disclosure and may consist of the persons internal or external to the Company.
Investigation Team means a group of investigators involved in the conduct of an aircraft accident or incident investigation;