Self-insured retention definition

Self-insured retention means the individual own risk employer's or group self-insurance association's retained amount of risk under a specific excess insurance policy, before the liability is transferred to an insurance carrier.
Self-insured retention means that portion of a loss resulting from an occurrence experienced by a member which is retained as a liability or potential liability of the member and is not subject to payment by the Authority.
Self-insured retention means the dollar amount listed in Item 5. of the Declarations that will be paid by the "Insured" before this insurance becomes applicable, with respect to "occurrences" or offenses not covered by "underlying insurance." The "Self-Insured Retention" does not apply to "occurrences" or offenses which would have been covered by "underlying insurance" but for the exhaustion of applicable limits of the "underlying insurance."

More Definitions of Self-insured retention

Self-insured retention means the portion of a claim paid by insureds who self-insure a portion of their risk as part of a policy issued by the board. Expenses included as a part of the self-insured retention are the cost of claims settlements or suits, the cost of adjusting, legal fees, court costs and any other investigative cost associated with the claim.
Self-insured retention or “SIR” shall mean the amount of loss from each
Self-insured retention means that portion of a Loss experienced by a Member which is retained as a liability or potential liability of NPAIP.
Self-insured retention means the largest applicable dollar amount among triggered coverage parts identified in Item 4. of the Declarations to this Policy, or as otherwise designated by endorsement to this Policy, if any.
Self-insured retention means the amount, including “loss adjustment expense”, for which the Named Insured is responsible to pay for each “occurrence” or offense, irrespective of the number of claims which may be joined in to any one “suit” or claim.
Self-insured retention means the amount(s) set forth in the “Self Insured Retention” section of the Declarations.
Self-insured retention means the amount stated in The Schedule, which shall be payable by the Insured for each claim or Event in respect of all damages, claimant’s costs, and defence costs and expenses (including investigation costs other than the Underwriter’s own salary and other internal costs), before the Underwriters shall be liable to make any payment under this Policy.