Index definition

Index. With respect to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan and with respect to each related Adjustment Date, the index as specified in the related Mortgage Note.
Index. As to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, the index from time to time in effect for the adjustment of the Mortgage Rate set forth as such on the related Mortgage Note.
Index. With respect to each Mortgage Loan and each Adjustment Date, the index specified in the related Mortgage Note.

Examples of Index in a sentence

  • The terminated funds are as follows: MassMutual Select BlackRock Global Allocation Fund, MM MSCI EAFE® International Index Fund, MM Russell 2000® Small Cap Index Fund, MM S&P® Mid Cap Index Fund, MML American Funds International Fund, MML Equity Momentum Fund, and MML Special Situations Fund.

  • The Fatty Liver Index: a simple and accurate predictor of hepatic steatosis in the general population.


  • For tendons in which vacuum assisted injection is not used, inject wax under pressure at locations shown on Standard Plans, Index 462-001.

  • See Standard Plans Index 462-002 and the Contract Documents for details on anchorages which require acrylic aliphatic polyurethane top coating.

More Definitions of Index

Index. With respect to any Interest Accrual Period for the COFI Certificates, if any, the then-applicable index used by the Trustee pursuant to Section 4.07 to determine the applicable Pass-Through Rate for such Interest Accrual Period for the COFI Certificates.
Index means the S&P 500® Index. The “Pricing Date” shall mean August 28, 2015. The “Starting Level” is 1987.66, which is based upon an intra-day level of the Index on the Pricing Date. The “Closing Level” of the Index on any Trading Day means the official closing level of the Index reported by the Index Sponsor on such Trading Day, as obtained by the Calculation Agent on such Trading Day from the licensed third-party market data vendor contracted by the Calculation Agent at such time; in particular, taking into account the decimal precision and/or rounding convention employed by such licensed third-party market data vendor on such date, subject to the provisions set forth below under “Discontinuance of The Index; Alteration of Method of Calculation” and “Market Disruption Events.” The “Ending Level” will be the Closing Level of the Index on the Calculation Day. The “Threshold Level” is 1689.511, which is equal to 85% of the Starting Level. The “Participation Rate” is 150%. The “Multiplier” is equal to the Starting Level divided by the Threshold Level. The “Capped Value” is 121% of the Face Amount of this Security.
Index means each of the S&P 500 Index, the Russell 2000 Index and the EURO STOXX 50 Index.
Index means the S&P 500® Index.
Index means the index specified for the ETP Securities in the Final Terms, or any Successor Index.