In Litigation definition

In Litigation means a legal action in foreclosure of a Mortgage Loan, or for a deficiency thereunder, in which the sale of the Mortgaged Property in foreclosure (whether by action, power of sale, or otherwise) has been delayed by reason of the defense of such action by the Mortgagor, or any other action commenced or pending which involves the Mortgage Loan, including a formal complaint filed with a federal or state government or regulatory agency.
In Litigation means a Mortgage Loan that has been referred to an attorney for collection, or with respect to which any action, suit or proceeding before a court, governmental agency or arbitrator has been instituted and is pending, or has been settled or otherwise finalized in a manner which may materially and adversely affect (1) the Mortgagor's obligations or ability to make all payments to be made under the Mortgage Loan in accordance with the terms thereof, or (2) the enforceability or priority of the Mortgage granted in the residential real property and any other property serving as collateral for the Mortgage Loan.

Examples of In Litigation in a sentence

  • Exclusion Of Tenderers In Litigation …………………………………………………………...IT-619.

  • In Litigation Seeking Declaratory Judgment on Common Obligations, a Specified Qualified Consumer Organization may enter into a settlement with regard to the presence or absence of the obligation prescribed in Article 2, item (iv) which is the subject matter of the Litigation Seeking Declaratory Judgment on Common Obligations.

  • Section 11 - The Crown Should Be Bound By Legislation Directed To Making General Provisions As To Procedural Or Substantive Rights In Litigation We have already recommended that the District Court Act, 1973, the Courts of Petty Sessions (Civil Claims) Act, 1970, and the Law Reform (Law and Equity) Act, 1972, be amended to provide that they bind the Crown.

  • A Resolution Of The City Commission Of The City Of Hollywood, Florida, Approving And Authorizing The Appropriate City Officials To Implement A Settlement In Litigation Styled West Construction, Inc.

  • If You Are Successful In Litigation As mentioned previously, we do not provide legal services in relation to litigation.

  • If You Are Unsuccessful In Litigation As mentioned previously, we do not provide legal services in relation to litigation.

  • In Litigation cases if you are a party in a court action involving a claim for personal injury you may be entitled to fund that action under the terms of a Conditional Fee Agreement ("CFA").

  • Wright, Preparing and Prosecuting A Patent That Holds Up In Litigation 28 (2006), available at doc/Preparing_and_Prosecuting_a_Patent_that_Holds_ Up_in_Litigation_pdf.pdf (“One of the hallmarks of a ‘bullet-proof’ patent is a silent prosecution history.”).

  • A Bankruptcy Estate May Not Be Represented By Nonlawyers In Litigation Trustee requested employment of the Firm for the purpose of drafting and prosecuting a complaint against Defendants.

  • Current staff Rates (unless otherwise agreed with you) (plus VAT at the rate of 20.00%)Partner £260 to £285 per hourSenior Associate £240 to £260 per hourAssociates £210 to £240 per hourConsultants £230 to £270 per hourTrainees £175 per hourSenior Paralegal/Execs £220 to £240 per hourParalegals £150 to £200 per hourSupport Staff £100 to £150 per hourNB: In Litigation matters we reserve the right to charge a higher fee if successful.

Related to In Litigation

  • Transaction Litigation has the meaning set forth in Section 6.18.

  • Pending Litigation means the litigation matters that are described under “CPS – Recent Developments” in the Confidential Private Placement Memorandum dated as of March 10, 2014.

  • Litigation has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3.13.

  • Existing Litigation see Section 10.1.3.

  • Lawsuit means any lawsuit, arbitration or other dispute resolution filed by either party herein pertaining to any of this Warrant, the Facility Agreement and the Registration Rights Agreement.

  • dispute resolution proceeding ’ means any process in which an alternative means of dispute resolution is used to resolve an issue in controversy in which a neutral is appointed and specified parties participate;

  • Complaint Investigation means an investigation of any complaint that has been made to a proper authority that is not covered by an abuse investigation.

  • Litigation Claims means the claims, rights of action, suits or proceedings, whether in law or in equity, whether known or unknown, that any Debtor or any Estate may hold against any Person or Entity, including, without limitation, the Causes of Action of the Debtors or their Estates, in each case solely to the extent of the Debtors’ or their Estates’ interest therein. A non-exclusive list of the Litigation Claims held by the Debtors as of the Effective Date will be Filed with the Plan Supplement, which will be deemed to include any derivative actions filed against any Debtor as of the Effective Date.

  • Hearing means an oral hearing and includes a hearing conducted in whole or in part by video link, telephone or other means of instantaneous two-way electronic communication;

  • Litigation Matters means all pending or threatened litigation, investigations, claims or other legal matters that have been or may be asserted against, or otherwise adversely affect, Verizon and/or Spinco (or members of either Group).

  • Legal Action means and includes any claim, counterclaim, demand, action, suit, counterclaim, arbitration, inquiry, proceeding or investigation before any

  • Mediation means any process in which a mediator facilitates communication and negotiation between the parties to assist them in reaching a voluntary agreement regarding their dispute.

  • Material Litigation means litigation that, according to generally accepted accounting principles, is significant to an applicant's or a licensee's financial health and must be disclosed in the applicant's or licensee's audited financial statements, report to shareholders, or similar records.

  • Disclosed Litigation has the meaning specified in Section 3.01(b).

  • Arbitration means any arbitration whether or not administered by a permanent arbitral institution;

  • Patent Prosecution means the responsibility and authority for (a) preparing, filing and prosecuting applications (of all types) for any Patent, (b) paying, filing and maintenance fees relating to any Patent, (c) managing any interference, opposition, re-issue, reexamination, revocation, nullification, or cancellation proceeding relating to the foregoing, (d) deciding to abandon Patent(s) and (e) settling any interference, opposition, revocation, nullification or cancellation proceeding.

  • Informal proceedings means proceedings for probate of a will or appointment of a personal representative conducted by the probate register without notice to interested persons.

  • Investigation means a process conducted for the purpose of accident and incident prevention which includes the gathering and analysis of information, the drawing of conclusions, including the determination of causes and, when appropriate, the making of safety recommendations;

  • Dispute Resolution Process means the process described in clause 9

  • Tax Contest means an audit, review, examination, or any other administrative or judicial proceeding with the purpose or effect of redetermining Taxes (including any administrative or judicial review of any claim for refund).

  • Dispute has the meaning set forth in Section 13.1.

  • Dispute Resolution means the procedure set forth in this LGIP for resolution of a dispute between the Parties.

  • Claim as used in this clause, means a written demand or written assertion by one of the contracting parties seeking, as a matter of right, the payment of money in a sum certain, the adjustment or interpretation of contract terms, or other relief arising under or relating to the contract. A claim arising under the contract, unlike a claim relating to the contract, is a claim that can be resolved under a contract clause that provides for the relief sought by the claimant. A voucher, invoice, or other routine request for payment that is not in dispute when submitted is not a claim. The submission may be converted to a claim by complying with the requirements of this clause, if it is disputed either as to liability or amount or is not acted upon in a reasonable time.

  • Legal Proceedings has the meaning set forth in Section 4.13.

  • Unresolved Claim means a Claim, which at the relevant time, in whole or in part: (a) has not been Finally Determined to be a Proven Claim in accordance with the Amended Claims Procedure Order and this Plan; (b) is validly disputed in accordance with the Amended Claims Procedure Order; and/or (c) remains subject to review and for which a Notice of Allowance or Notice of Revision or Disallowance (each as defined in the Amended Claims Procedure Order) has not been issued to the Creditor in accordance with the Amended Claims Procedure Order as at the date of this Plan, in each of the foregoing clauses, including both as to proof and/or quantum;

  • Complaint means any formal written complaint raised by a Contracting Body in relation to the performance of this Framework Agreement or any Call-Off Contract in accordance with Clause 44 (Complaints Handling and Resolution);