Implementing Agencies definition

Implementing Agencies means the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the World Bank in accordance with paragraph 22 of the Instrument.
Implementing Agencies means the line departments of the Government of Assam and autonomous institutions entrusted with the responsibility of implementing “ARIAS Projects” as determined by the Government of Assam and as laid down in the ProjectReports; Such departments/ agencies may include Departments of Agriculture, AH & Veterinary, Dairy, Fisheries, Irrigation, Public Works Revenue , Environment & Forest, Sericulture, Dairy, etc. and Agencies such as Assam Agricultural University, District Level ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency) Societies, NGOs hired under the Projects, Joint Forest Management (JFM) Groups, Field Management Committees (FMC), Dairy Cooperative Societies, Self Help Groups (SHG), Farmers Interest Groups (FIGs), Agro Service Groups (ASGs), etc., recognized under the individual World Bank/ Externally financed or aided Projects/ other Projects of any department to foster private public partnership.
Implementing Agencies means the central, provincial and local agencies, departments and units, including the Participating Local Governments, and Participating PDAMs responsible for Project implementation and coordination referred to under Part B of Schedule 5 to this Agreement, and “Implementing Agency” means any of the Implementing Agencies;

Examples of Implementing Agencies in a sentence

  • From the GEF family perspective, sharing knowledge among users will ensure that the GEF portfolio, as a whole, can benefit from the comparative strengths and experience of the various Implementing Agencies.

  • It is being implemented through Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs).

  • Participants recommend that the GEF Implementing Agencies continue, in their dialogue with countries, to rigorously address the performance indicators related to expected success of a project at the country level, including country ownership, replicability, sustainability, public involvement, monitoring and evaluation, and co-financing.

  • To achieve this end, the GEF Secretariat and Implementing Agencies are requested to collaborate in presenting a new strategic approach to business planning for consideration by the Council at its meeting in May2003.

  • Because of the efforts of the Implementing Agencies to increase their capacity in recent years and the expansion of opportunities for executing agencies on the basis of specific comparative strengths matching GEF business needs, delivery capacity has much increased and is not now a general constraint.

More Definitions of Implementing Agencies

Implementing Agencies means SUMATRA and TPA (all as hereinafter defined), and the termImplementing Agency” means either one of such Implementing Agencies;
Implementing Agencies means collectively GIFT, KILA (as hereinafter defined) and SIRD (as hereinafter defined).
Implementing Agencies means collectively the EGCB, GTCL, and PGCB (as hereinafter defined).
Implementing Agencies means INTA, INATEC and FCR (as hereinafter defined).