LSI definition

LSI means Large Scale Industry
LSI means Large Scale Industry.
LSI means Life Storage, Inc., a Maryland corporation.

Examples of LSI in a sentence

  • Electro-Static Discharge Control,Since this module uses a CMOS LSI, the same careful attention should be paid to electrostatic discharge as for an ordinary CMOS IC.

  • Never touch any of the conductive parts such as the LSI pads; the copper leads on the PCB and the interface terminals with any parts of the human body.

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  • LSI has the right to change prices due to tax increases, governmental actions or other events beyond LSI’s control.

  • Further details of LSI’s Code of Conduct can be found at Damage to property: LSI reserves the right to charge students who engage in vandalism, graffiti or criminal damage of any kind for the repair/ replacement cost of any damage they cause.

More Definitions of LSI

LSI means Large Scale Industries
LSI means Langlier Saturation Index providing an indication of the degree of saturation of water with respect to calcium carbonate related to cooling tower efficiency.
LSI. Luminescent Systems, Inc., a New York corporation, formerly known as Flex-key Corporation, and a Subsidiary of the Borrower.
LSI means local subject identifier, a unique combina- tion of 15 numbers and letters used by local law enforce- ment agencies to identify an individual. It is the local equivalent of a State Identification (SID) number. The first three characters are the AZAFIS-assigned alpha characters that identify the agency.
LSI means the Terms and Conditions of the Long-term Sustainable Instrument as amended from time to time.
LSI or “Company” is defined in the preamble above.