LSI definition

LSI means Large Scale Industry.

Examples of LSI in a sentence

  • We describe a LSI catheter that produces spectral images of the interior of human arteries for diagnosis of atherosclerosis.

  • Higher LSI values indicate areas more suitable for landll (Nas et al., 2010).

  • Since this module uses a CMOS LSI, the same careful attention should be paid to electrostatic discharge as for an ordinary CMOS IC.

  • In accordance with the terms of the Project Agreement, WDBA is required to make various payments to BNA during the construction period, including Progress Payments, Handover Payments, Interim Operating and Maintenance Payments, Public Art Payments, Community Benefit Payments, Large Scale Imaging equipment (LSI) payments and the Substantial Completion.

  • Alternative design options were considered by our external consultant (LSI Architects) and the preferred option is considered to sit sensitively with the existing estates built context and preliminary views of the Planning Authority were obtained.

More Definitions of LSI

LSI. Luminescent Systems, Inc., a New York corporation, formerly known as Flex-key Corporation, and a Subsidiary of the Borrower.
LSI means local subject identifier, a unique combina- tion of 15 numbers and letters used by local law enforce- ment agencies to identify an individual. It is the local equivalent of a State Identification (SID) number. The first three characters are the AZAFIS-assigned alpha characters that identify the agency.
LSI or “Company” is defined in the preamble above.
LSI shall have the meaning given to that term in clause (1) of the introductory paragraph hereof.