Historic home definition

Historic home means a certified structure which, or any portion of which is or will,
Historic home means a building that: (A) Will contain one-to-four dwelling units of which at least one unit will be occupied as the principal residence of the owner for not less than five years following the completion of rehabilitation work, (B) is located in a targeted area, and (C) is (i) listed individually on the National or State Register of Historic Places, or (ii) located in a district listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places, and has been certified by the commission as contributing to the historic character of such district;
Historic home means a residential surplus property identified by address in section 1478.2.

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  • Historic home with second dwelling unit Second Dwelling Units have been a successful means of providing affordable housing in Saratoga.

  • Number of people on the site: Historic home events would be permitted by Special Exception in all zoning districts with the following limitations on the total number of people present on the site (including guests, service staff, performers, etc.) • 30 people indoors or outdoors any day of the week; and • Up to 100 people indoors Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, with a total cap of 100 on the site (no more than 30 people can be outdoors during the event).

  • Images 14 &15: Historic home getting prepared to be relocated (top).

  • By deleting the "SE" zoning designation in the table under "residential" and "AG" uses for "Historic bed and breakfast homestay" and "Historic home events", and substituting in lieu thereof the zoning designation "NLO" for Neighborhood Landmark Overlay.

  • Historic home shall include any 6 structure or group of structures that constitute a multifamily or multipurpose structure, 7 including a cooperative or condominium.

  • Councilwoman Switlyk:Councilwoman Switlyk reported Marcia Karrow reached out to her regarding the celebration of 305 years of Hunterdon Historic home towns.

  • Provide an access easement from a development street to adjacent Historic home property on Burkitt Road (parcel 179).

  • BL2015-96\WithersStaff Reviewer: Jason SwaggartCurrent Status Not on Consent Public Hearing Open A request to amend Section 17.04.060 and 17.08.030 of the Metropolitan Code, Zoning Regulations, by modifying the definition of "Historic home event" to limit events to enclosed areas, requested by Councilman Brett Withers.Staff Recommendation: Approve.

  • Historic home tour/Mobile app: Continue discussion of planning a historic (virtual) home tour and mobile app.

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Historic home means a single-family dwelling constructed between 1850 and 1945.
Historic home means a certified structure which, or any portion of which is or will, within a reasonable period, be owned and used as the principal residence of the person claiming the tax credit allowed under this Code section. Historic home shall include any structure or group of structures that constitute a multifamily or multipurpose structure, including a cooperative or condominium. If only a portion of a building is used as such person's principal residence, only those qualified rehabilitation expenditures that are properly allocable to such portion shall be deemed to be made to a historic home.
Historic home means a certified structure which, or any portion of which is or will, within a reasonable period, be owned and used as the principal residence of the
Historic home means a single-family dwell- ing constructed between 1850 and 1945.

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  • Abbeyfield Home means an establishment run by the Abbeyfield Society including all bodies corporate or unincorporated which are affiliated to that society;

  • Historic property means any prehistoric or historic site, district, building, object, or other real or personal property of historical, architectural, or archaeological value, and folklife resources. These properties or resources may include, but are not limited to, monuments, memorials, Indian habitations, ceremonial sites, abandoned settlements, sunken or abandoned ships, engineering works, treasure trove, artifacts, or other objects with intrinsic historical or archaeological value, or any part thereof, relating to the history, government, and culture of Florida.

  • care home means a residential complex that is occupied or intended to be occupied by persons for the purpose of receiving care services, whether or not receiving the services is the primary purpose of the occupancy; (“maison de soins”)

  • Historic site means any real property, man-made structure,

  • Historic resource means a publicly or privately owned historic building, structure, site, object, feature, or open space located within an historic district designated by the national register of historic places, the state register of historic sites, or a local unit acting under the local historic districts act, 1970 PA 169, MCL 399.201 to 399.215, or that is individually listed on the state register of historic sites or national register of historic places, and includes all of the following:

  • Multifamily dwelling means a structure that contains more than one separate residential dwelling unit, which is used or occupied, or is intended to be used or occupied, in whole or in part, as the home or residence of one or more persons.

  • Foster home means the place of residence of any natural person in which any child, other than a

  • Medical home means a team approach to providing health care that originates in a primary care setting; fosters a partnership among the patient, the personal provider, and other health care professionals, and where appropriate, the patient’s family; utilizes the partnership to access and integrate all medical and nonmedical health-related services across all elements of the health care system and the patient’s community as needed by the patient and the patient’s family to achieve maximum health potential; maintains a centralized, comprehensive record of all health-related services to promote continuity of care; and has all of the characteristics specified in section 135.158.

  • Community rehabilitation program means a program that provides directly or facilitates the provision of one or more of the following vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities to enable those individuals to maximize their opportunities for employment, including career advancement:

  • Nursing home means that term as defined in section 20109 of the public health code, 1978 PA 368, MCL 333.20109.

  • funeral home means a building or structure with facilities for the preparation of dead persons for burial or cremation, for the viewing of the body and for funeral services;

  • Family day care home means a unit registered under Title 5, Subtitle 5 of the Family Law Article.

  • Residential care home or “RCH” means a residential care home as defined and licensed under the Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) Ordinance (Cap. 459), or as defined and issued with a licence or certificate of exemption under the Residential Care Homes (Persons with Disabilities) Ordinance (Cap. 613), or the boarding section of a special school subvented under the Education Bureau, or the residential facilities of the Skills Centre (Tuen Mun) of Vocational Training Council, or a nursing home as referred to in the Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Maternity Homes Registration Ordinance (Cap. 165) which provides residential services for persons aged 60 or above in Hong Kong.

  • Family home or "family residence" means the location or portion of a location where the applicant and his or her family reside, and may include basements and attics. It does not include other structures that are separate from the home but are considered part of the overall premises, such as adjacent apartments, unattached basements in multi-unit buildings, unattached garages, and other unattached buildings.

  • Family day home means a child day program offered in the residence of the provider or the home of any of the children in care for one through 12 children under the age of 13, exclusive of the provider's own children and any children who reside in the home, when at least one child receives care for compensation. The provider of a licensed or registered family day home shall disclose to the parents or guardians of children in their care the percentage of time per week that persons other than the provider will care for the children. Family day homes serving five through 12 children, exclusive of the provider's own children and any children who reside in the home, shall be licensed. However, no family day home shall care for more than four children under the age of two, including the provider's own children and any children who reside in the home, unless the family day home is licensed or voluntarily registered. However, a family day home where the children in care are all related to the provider by blood or marriage shall not be required to be licensed.

  • High-Cost Home Loan as defined in the New Mexico Home Loan Protection Act effective January 1, 2004; (iii) “High-Cost Home Mortgage Loans” as defined in the Massachusetts Predatory Home Loan Practices Act effective November 7, 2004 and (iv) “High Cost Home Loans” as defined in the Indiana Home Loan Practices Act effective January 1, 2005.

  • Foster family home means a private home in which children are placed for foster family care under supervision of the cabinet or a licensed child-placing agency;

  • Group home means a residential facility housing no more than twelve children with a program which emphasizes family-style living in a homelike environment. Such group home may also offer a program within the community to meet the specialized treatment needs of its residents;

  • Hospital/Nursing Home : means any institution established for in- patient care and day care treatment of sickness and / or injuries and which has been registered as a Hospital with the local authorities, wherever applicable, and is under the supervision of a registered and qualified Medical Practitioner OR must comply with all minimum criteria as under:

  • Residential means that the Premises where the Service is installed are used wholly:

  • Family child care home means a private home in which 1 but fewer than 7 minor children are received for care and supervision for compensation for periods of less than 24 hours a day, unattended by a parent or legal guardian, except children related to an adult member of the household by blood, marriage, or adoption. Family child care home includes a home in which care is given to an unrelated minor child for more than 4 weeks during a calendar year. A family child care home does not include an individual providing babysitting services for another individual. As used in this subparagraph, "providing babysitting services" means caring for a child on behalf of the child's parent or guardian if the annual compensation for providing those services does not equal or exceed $600.00 or an amount that would according to the internal revenue code of 1986 obligate the child's parent or guardian to provide a form 1099-MISC to the individual for compensation paid during the calendar year for those services.

  • Multifamily Property means a Property improved with, and from which at least 80% of the rental income is derived from, residential apartments, which may include a Property that is a part of a Mixed-Use Project.

  • Historic Structure means any structure that is:

  • Multifamily housing means housing accommodations designed as a residence for more than 1 family.

  • Historic building means a building, including its structural components, that is located in this state and that is either individually listed on the national register of historic places under 16 U.S.C. 470a, located in a registered historic district, and certified by the state historic preservation officer as being of historic significance to the district, or is individually listed as an historic landmark designated by a local government certified under 16 U.S.C. 470a(c).

  • Private home means a private residence in which the licensee permanently resides, which residency is not contingent upon caring for children or employment by a child placing agency. Private home includes a full-time foster family home, a full-time foster family group home, a group child care home, or a family child care home, as follows: