Health Officer definition

Health Officer means the chief administrative and executive officer of a local public health agency, or the appointed health officer of the local board of health. Health officer includes a director of a local public health agency.
Health Officer means the health officer of the city, county, city-county health department or district, or an authorized representative.
Health Officer means the Municipal Health Officer or District Health Officer or such other official as may be appointed by the State Government in that behalf.

Examples of Health Officer in a sentence

  • Sanitary utensils shall be provided to the satisfaction of the Health Officer of the area concerned.

  • By order of the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, these individuals must present an exemption form upon entering Canada.

  • The name and billing/mailing address of the entity requesting the privilege of operating said business/conducting the activity.B. The establishment name and address.C. The signature of legal licensee or agent to confirm that all information on the application is correct and to acknowledge that any change in the information on the application shall be reported to the Health Officer within 14 days of the change.

  • As used in this articleOrdinance, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated: DEPARTMENT — The Jefferson County Health Department.HEALTH OFFICER — The Health Officer or their authorized agent.LICENSE — The granting of permission in a written/certificate form from the appropriate authority to carry on an activity.

  • Licenses hereunder shall not be granted or issued by the Department unless and until the Health Officer determines and certifies compliance of the premises to be licensed with all the applicable terms and conditions of all Wisconsin Administrative Codes under contract.

More Definitions of Health Officer

Health Officer means the state health officer of the department.
Health Officer means the physician who is the health officer of the local board of health.
Health Officer means any public health physician; public health nurse; or other person authorized by or designated by a city health district; a general health district; or a board of alcohol, drug addiction, and mental health services to perform the duties of a health officer according to Chapter 5122. of the Revised Code.
Health Officer means a registered medical practitioner appointed by the Governor to be a Health Officer for the purposes of this Law;
Health Officer means the Director of the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health or his/her designated representative.
Health Officer means the health officer in each of the 23 counties and the Commissioner of Health in Baltimore City, or the designated representative of the health officer, or both.