Gay definition

Gay means a male person who engages in sexual intimacy with another person of the same sex;
Gay means a man attracted to members of the same gender. "Lesbian" refers to a woman attracted to members of the same gender.
Gay protagonist, which means they have read my book.

Examples of Gay in a sentence

  • Gay or LGBT3 pride is an emotional, mental and social dispositions which refute the attribution of shame to homosexuality bisexuality and transgender.

  • Lewin, Tamar, “Navy Drops Efforts to seek Repayment From 2 Gay Students,” New York Times, May 9, 1990: 19.

  • When parameterizing models informed by their own literature review, Naylor (1988) used an adult survival rate of 95% and Rice and Gay (2010) used a rate of 92.5% for adults three to eight years old.

  • Mayor Lovell noted that his ward councilor is Councilor Gay and he can explain what happened.

  • Branigin, William, “Australian Military Adjusting To Policy Allowing Gay Troops,” Washington Post, March 30, 1993: 6.

  • Based on the male to female ratio for each stage from Hamel et al (2006), Rice and Gay (2010) partitioned this pooled survival rate by sex.

  • The presence of, and continued enrollment by, this ROTC unit may also have been in conflict with the state’s 1991 Gay Rights Law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation.” The Omnibus Appropriations Act for FY1997116 contained language that limited the ability of educational institutions, or sub-elements thereof (such as a law school or a satellite campus), to block ROTC programs or recruiter access.

  • Groups at particular risk include girls, students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender+ (LGBT+), or are perceived by peers to be LGBT+, and pupils with SEND.

  • The Connecticut Supreme Court, in 1996, upheld a lower court ruling that the DOD policy on homosexuality violated the state’s 1991 Gay Rights Law barring discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation” and, therefore, military recruiters could be permanently banned from the University of Connecticut Law School campus in Hartford.113 These actions led to a seemingly contradictory situation.

  • Councilor Minthorn moved, Councilor Doyle seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:23 p.m. The motion passed with six (6) yeas and one (1) nay – Councilor Gay.

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Gay means a sexual orientation to describe individuals who are emotionally or physically attracted to someone of the same gender. Gay is sometimes an umbrella term for the LGBTQIA+ community.
Gay was a code that was not a known technical term back then, or it was something that when mentioned connoted illegal and immoral activity. The war saw many men being shipped off to fight and women being sent in hordes to work in factories to produce supplies for the war, creating sex-segregated areas. This put both men and women in the same situation where they could experiment and act on desires they may have suppressed before. According to D' Xxxxxx (1992), many experienced sexual relations with members of the same-sex. He includes the example of Xxxx Xxx, a woman who left her farming community to live in a female boardinghouse. She met many lesbians, hung out with them and eventually came out during the war. And she was not the only one (D' Xxxxxx 1992). By the time World War II ended, there was a big change in the way sex was handled and talked about; “youth were enjoying greater autonomy in sexual matters.” (D' Xxxxxx 1992:65) Around then, the psychiatry community had moved from diagnosing homosexuality as a crime and sin to a condition and mental sickness (Xxxxxx 2006). But Xxxxxx Xxxxxx’x research, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” published in 1948, countered this and argued that a majority of Americans were “in-between” on the scale of being attracted to only the opposite sex and being attracted to only the same sex (Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxx 1948). A copy of his findings were published as an essay in Xxxxx Xxxxxx and Xxxxx Xxxx’s (2006) collection of essays called “American Queer; Now and Then.” In his conclusion, Xxxxxx (1948) states: Homosexuality in the human male is much more frequent than is ordinarily realized. In the youngest unmarried group, more than a quarter (27.3%) of the males have some homosexual activity to the point of orgasm. The incidence among these single males rise in successive age groups until it reaches a maximum of 38.7 per cent between 30 and 40 years of age. (P. 14) Xxxxxx’x (1948) research shocked the field of sexology. Not only did this change all previous conventional ideas of sexual activity among the population but it also held that there was no so-called “species” of homosexuals that were not part of normal society (Xxxxxx 2006). Eventually, much after the research and the start of the LGBT rights movement, in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association announced that “‘homosexuality … by itself does not constitute a mental disorder’” (Xxxxxx 2006:232) That did not stop reports of suspicion and intense scrutiny of...
Gay. Golsen, the spouse of Xxxxx Xxxxxx, but for which Xxxxx Xxxxxx disclaims beneficial ownership.

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