World War II definition

World War II means the period beginning December 7, 1941, and ending December 31, 1946, both dates inclusive.
World War II means the period beginning December 7, 1941, and ending December 31, 1946;
World War II means the period beginning on the seventh day of December, one

Examples of World War II in a sentence

  • The Navy in the 1980s reactivated and modernized four Iowa (BB-61) class battleships that were originally built during World War II.

  • The museum will use the statement of principles ‘Spoliation of Works of Art during the Nazi, Holocaust and World War II period’, issued for non-national museums in 1999 by the Museums and Galleries Commission.

  • For example, if the question reads, in what year did World War II begin in Europe?’ your answer can be, ‘World War II in Europe began in the year 1939.’ You will remember more using this strategy.

  • After World War II, the United States Coast Guard had seven icebreakers in its fleet—four under the U.S. Navy and three under theU.S. Coast Guard.

  • Before and shortly after the end of World War II, the allied countries met to discuss how peace should and could be maintained.

  • They expressed their wish to replace the League of Nations, which had collapsed with the unfolding of World War II, and establish a new international organisation with the power of maintaining security and helping prosperity.

  • The unfolding of World War II brought about a seismic shift in the field of human rights law.

  • The horrendous events of World War II created an impetus to act, and brought together the delegates of 48 States for another diplomatic conference in Geneva.

  • While instruments were already developed prior to this, it is only following World War II that the modern comprehensive international legal framework of humanitarian law was truly established.

  • This subtraction shall not apply to assets acquired with such items of income or with the proceeds from the sale of assets stolen from, hidden from or otherwise lost to, during World War II and its prelude and direct aftermath, a victim or target of Nazi persecution.

More Definitions of World War II

World War II means the period beginning December 7, 1941, and ending
World War II. ’ means the war waged by His Majesty and His Majesty’s Allies against Germany and Germany’s Allies, which for the pur- poses of this Part shall be deemed to have commenced on September 1, 1939 and to have terminated on April 1, 1947.

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