Fulfill definition

Fulfill means delivery or performance of any element of an Order or a Solution (which for the avoidance of doubt, may include the delivery of an Activation Code) (and “Fulfilled,” “Fulfilling” and “Fulfillment” will be construed accordingly).
Fulfill or “Fulfillment” means the Sponsor’s matching of a Released Credit with an Advance Credit, as notified in writing to the applicable IRT Member(s), which results in the fulfillment of the Sponsor’s obligation and liability to provide Compensatory Mitigation with respect to such Advance Credit under this Instrument.
Fulfill. The meanings specified in Section 4.4. “Indemnifying Parties”: The meaning specified in Section 6.4.

Examples of Fulfill in a sentence

  • Fulfill the responsibilities of the president during his/her absence.

  • Fulfill the terms of the revised plans, if such plans are approved by the Department.

  • As a cooperating agency, DOE may: • Fulfill NEPA responsibilities, independently of the NRC, for activities that are considered in the NRC NEPA reviews but with no nexus to radiological health and safety (such as site preparation or preconstruction).

  • Fulfill the purposes of the ASEAN Charter and implement the strategies and actions of the ASCC Blueprint, with the aim of enhancing environmental sustainability in the region and the common goal towards a clean and green ASEAN; 2.

  • Phase 2 – Continued Work to Fulfill Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Continue work with the developer to meet the goals of the MOU including: * Creation of Design Development plans that meet the design guidelines outlined in the Park City Land Management Code.

  • See generally Government of Canada, “Aboriginal Consultation and Accommodation: Interim Guidelines for Federal Officials to Fulfill the Legal Duty to Consult” (February 2008) [Government of Canada, “Interim Guidelines for Federal Officials”].

  • The 2011 Updated Guidelines for Federal Officials to Fulfill the Duty to Consult (the Guidelines) defines Aboriginal rights as: practices, traditions and customs integral to the distinctive culture of the Aboriginal group claiming the right that existed prior to contact with the Europeans (Van de Peet).

  • Fulfill all other requirements as made by the Pioneers Europe and Pioneers Nederland Directors:Serve in excellence the purpose of PIEU and PINL.

  • Fulfill the requirements listed in paragraph 1–6 as applicable for installations not managed by the U.S. Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM).

  • Fulfill the obligations of the Agreement that are essential to the completion of the Project.

More Definitions of Fulfill

Fulfill means as much as „adhere to“ or even „to do“ (Rom. 13, 8). Everything that was not fulfilled yet, still had to be fulfilled. Whatever was not fulfilled was still a prophecy waiting for its fulfillment.
Fulfill means "put away by giving, give up, give over; 1. deliver (relinquish what is one's own) hence to give away for one's own profit what is one's own, i.e. sell; 2. pay off, discharge (what is due [because a debt, like a burden, is thrown off, by being paid]; a debt); 3. give back, restore; 4. requite, recompense" (Thayer, p. 60).
Fulfill or “Fulfillment” means, with respect to each Farm Unit and its associated Water Contract, fully and timely completing the planned activities and other covenants described in Section 4 without any material defects, deviations, delays, failures, or breaches that MVIDD in its commercially reasonable discretion deems as non-compliance with this Agreement, the Water Contract, or MVIDD Regulations. For determination of fulfillment, standards of farm maintenance and management of the National Soil Conservation Service shall be the guiding standard, together with customary and reasonable practices employed in commercial agriculture in Mohave Valley.
Fulfill or “Fulfillment” means, with respect to any particular Advertising and/or Services, all actions reasonably necessary for or in furtherance of provisioning, design, display, publishing, distribution, or otherwise placing the Advertising into the stream of public commerce, making the Advertising or Service accessible to/by an End User, and/or executing upon the Service commitments contained in an applicable Order. Unless otherwise specified on the applicable Order or in applicable Service Terms, an Advertising or Service with multiple elements which are capable of being Fulfilled separately and/or at different times will be deemed “Fulfilled” for billing purposes when the first element is placed into the stream of public commerce and/or becomes accessible to/by an End User. For the avoidance of doubt, where applicable and subject to the terms contained herein, placement of a generic or standardized template and/or placeholder shall satisfy Publisher’s Fulfillment obligations for purposes of the commencement of billing.

Related to Fulfill

  • Perform means that the Contractor, at Contractor’s expense, shall take all actions necessary to complete The Work, including furnishing of necessary labor, tools, and equipment, and providing and installing Materials that are indicated, specified, or required to complete such performance.

  • Responsibilities means the responsibilities delegated to BNY under the Rule as a Foreign Custody Manager with respect to each Specified Country and each Eligible Foreign Custodian selected by BNY, as such responsibilities are more fully described in Article III of this Agreement.

  • performer means any actor, singer, musician, dancer or other person who acts, sings, depicts, delivers, declaims, plays in or otherwise performs, a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work; and references to the performer in the context of the person having performer’s rights, shall be construed to include references to the person who, pursuant to any provision of this Act, is for the time being entitled to exercise those rights;

  • Performing means (a) with respect to any Portfolio Investment that is debt, the issuer of such Portfolio Investment is not in default of any payment obligations in respect thereof, after the expiration of any applicable grace period and (b) with respect to any Portfolio Investment that is Preferred Stock, the issuer of such Portfolio Investment has not failed to meet any scheduled redemption obligations or to pay its latest declared cash dividend, after the expiration of any applicable grace period.

  • Services Requirements means the requirements of the Authority or any other Contracting Body (as appropriate) for the Services from time to time;

  • Obligations means any principal, interest, penalties, fees, indemnifications, reimbursements, damages and other liabilities payable under the documentation governing any Indebtedness.

  • Task(s means one or more functions, if specified in the Contract Documents, to be performed by the Contractor for the State.

  • Material Obligation means [i] any indebtedness secured by a security interest in or a lien, deed of trust or mortgage on any of the Leased Property (or any part thereof, including any Personal Property) and any agreement relating thereto; [ii] any obligation or agreement that is material to the construction or operation of the Facility or that is material to Tenant's business or financial condition; [iii] any indebtedness or capital lease of Tenant that has an outstanding principal balance of at least $50,000.00 and any agreement relating thereto; [iv] any obligation to or agreement with the Issuer relating to the Letter of Credit; and [v] any sublease of the Leased Property.

  • Duties includes obligations. (5) The word “person” includes natural persons, firms, companies, associations, partnerships, trusts, corporations, governmental agencies and units, and other legal entities. (6) The word “shall” is mandatory. (7) The word “day” means calendar day. (8) The word “Work” is defined in Section 2. (9) A definition in this contract will not apply to the extent the context requires otherwise.

  • Functions means powers and duties and includes the power to do anything which is calculated to facilitate or is conducive or incidental to the discharge of any of those functions;

  • Medically Necessary Services means those covered services that are, under the terms and conditions of the contract, determined through contractor utilization management to be:

  • The Services means those services ancillary to the supply of the Goods, such as transportation and insurance, and any other incidental services, such as installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, and other such obligations of the Supplier covered under the Contract.

  • Supply “Provide” shall mean supply and pay for and provide and pay for.

  • Unsatisfactory The Educator's performance on a standard or overall has not significantly improved following a rating of needs improvement, or the Educator's performance is consistently below the requirements of a standard or overall and is considered inadequate, or both.

  • Working Timetable has the meaning ascribed to it in Part A of the Network Code.

  • Activities has the meaning specified in Section 7.02(b).

  • Unsatisfactory Performance means any of the following:

  • Persistent means a pollutant and its transformation products which under natural conditions degrade slowly in an aquatic environment.

  • execute “issue”, “register”, “surrender”, “transfer” or “cancel”, when used with respect to Direct Registration ADRs, shall refer to an entry or entries or an electronic transfer or transfers in the Direct Registration System, and, when used with respect to ADRs in physical certificated form, shall refer to the physical delivery, execution, issuance, registration, surrender, transfer or cancellation of certificates representing the ADRs.