Other Covenants definition

Other Covenants. Borrower shall at all times comply with all of the following additional covenants:
Other Covenants. Seller shall maintain the following other covenants:
Other Covenants. The ongoing availability of credit under the Agreement is subject to Borrower’s compliance with all other covenants in the Agreement, including, without limitation;

Examples of Other Covenants in a sentence

  • After the fulfillment of the conditions precedent established in the Agreement for the Assignment of Quotas and Other Covenants, the closing of the Transaction was formalized on October 1, 2021.

  • Indenture Provisions and Other Covenants See Note 5 – Long-Term Debt and Equity Financings under Part II, Item 8, in the Form 10-K for a description of our indenture provisions and other covenants, as well as restrictions on the payment of dividends.

  • Other Covenants of the parties are set forth in the Asset Purchase Agreement and are incorporated herein by reference.

  • The Wai-Research approach to research draws many parallels to the CBPR approach, as with both approaches the “community” remains at the centre of all research endeavours.

  • After the fulfillment of the suspensive conditions established in the Agreement for the Purchase and Sale of Quotas and Other Covenants, in 2017 the sale of Kroton subsidiaries was concluded (Note 4).

More Definitions of Other Covenants

Other Covenants shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9(j) hereof.
Other Covenants. Usual covenants for Facilities and transactions of this type including, but not limited to:
Other Covenants shall be amended to read as follows: Borrower shall maintain at all times cash and cash equivalents of not less than $10,000,000 net of outstanding advances under the Credit Limit. However, if Borrower has less than $10,000,000 but more than $4,000,000, any advance of the funds under Credit Limit shall be subject to the following conditions:
Other Covenants. The Borrower will:
Other Covenants means the covenants and agreements in this Agreement other than the Specified Pre-Closing Covenants.
Other Covenants. None 13. Exceptions to Negative None Covenants:
Other Covenants means any other optional covenants incorporated by reference in the Form 15 Mortgage.