Honor definition

Honor of a letter of credit means performance of the issuer's undertaking in the letter of credit to pay or deliver an item of value. Unless the letter of credit otherwise provides, "honor" occurs:
Honor of a letter of credit means performance of the issuer's undertaking in the letter of credit to pay or deliver an item of value. Unless the letter of credit otherwise provides, "honor" occurs [(i)] (A) upon payment, [(ii)] (B) if the letter of credit provides for acceptance, upon acceptance of a draft and, at maturity, its payment, or [(iii)] (C) if the letter of credit provides for incurring a deferred obligation, upon incurring the obligation and, at maturity, its performance.

Examples of Honor in a sentence

  • Get it over with.” Defense counsel then stated: “I will file a subsequent packet, Your Honor, on that.

  • According to his daughter, Milica Arsenijević Kra- kov, her father filmed a few now lost documentaries, and his film Gol- gota Srbije (The Calvary of Serbia) was shown as Za čast otadžbine (For the Honor of the Fatherland) in 1930 (shown again in 1992).Krakov began his career as a non-fiction author and journalist in 1921 as a contributor of the Politika daily.

  • He has been honored with numerous awards including a Grammy award and 12 Grammy nominations, the 1985 Medal of Honor for Music from the National Arts Club, and the Kennedy Center Honor in 1994 for a lifetime of contributions to the performing arts.

  • All breeches to the standards set forth in the RU Honor Pledge or patient safety violations will result in a minimum of program probation and could result in School of Nursing or University dismissal.

  • School of Nursing students are expected to follow all requirements and uphold all expectations as outlined in the Waldron College Standards for Professional Practice Education and the Radford University Student Standards of Conduct Policy, which includes the Radford University Honor Pledge.

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Honor means, Congress specified that the exemption applies only if the AOD is “honored throughout the United States to block illegal deliveries of cigarettes . . . to consumers.” Id. at § 376a(e)(3)(B)(ii)(I) (emphasis added). Merely giving lip service to nationwide coverage of the AOD does nothing “to block deliveries.” Deliveries are blocked only if UPS complies with the AOD. By specifying that the exemption applies if the AOD is honored in such a way as to “block illegal deliveries of cigarettes . . . to consumers,” Congress clearly signaled that “honoring” the agreement involves compliance.
Honor. We honor God our Father, Xxxxx Xxxxxx our Savior, and the Holy Spirit. We honor our parents and family. We honor ourselves. Integrity: We treat others as called by the Gospel: with trust, respect, dignity, and forgiveness. Our integrity guides all our actions.
Honor means to shoot for the trophy only, no cash prizes;
Honor means any honor bestowed on a staff member by a government or an academic or professional organization, except where the honor has been earned as a result of a prescribed course of study undertaken by the staff member at the request, or with the approval, of WIPO3;
Honor wrote the anthropologist Xxxxxx Xxxx-Xxxxxx, “expresses an evaluation of self in the terms which are used to evaluate others—or as others might be imagined to judge one. It can, therefore, be seen to reflect the values of the group with which a person identifies himself.” One of the pioneers of the academic study of honor, Xxxx-Xxxxxx identified several different aspects of the ethic, including honor as a moral concept, or “the absence of self-reproach”; honor as simple precedence or social position; honor as a personal attribute, an intimate part of individual identity that is nonetheless tied to the evaluation of others; honor as the collective possession of a group; and, finally, honor as an element of the sacred, intertwined inseparably with the divine and with religion. At various times and in various chapters, this dissertation will examine how these different moods of honor influenced evangelical language and practice in the Deep South.11