Flagger definition

Flagger means a person who controls the movement of vehicular traffic through construction projects using sign, hand or flag signals.
Flagger means a person who has completed an approved, four-hour flagger training course given by a certified instructor.
Flagger means a person who actively controls the flow of vehicular traffic into, through, or into and through a temporary traffic control zone using hand-signaling devices or an automated flagger assistance device.

Examples of Flagger in a sentence

  • Automated Flagger Assistant Device (AFAD): The AFAD Operator will receive two dollars ($2.00) per hour for all hours worked when operating an AFAD.

More Definitions of Flagger

Flagger means a person, other than a railroad employee, clearly visible to approaching traffic at all times, who controls highway traffic through work areas using a hand-held paddle sign during daylight hours and approved lights and reflectorized paddle signs at night.
Flagger means a person who controls the movement of vehicular traffic through con-
Flagger means any person wearing a pre- dominantly red or fluorescent orange jacket or vest and a yellow or orange safety helmet, equipped with a standard STOP-SLOW paddle, or red flag and authorized or assigned to direct and control traffic. All flaggers shall have in their possession a card certifying that they have completed the Flagger's Course as conducted by the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries.
Flagger means a person who controls the movement of vehicular traffic through con- struction projects using sign, hand or flag signals.

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