Fixed Fee definition

Fixed Fee means an agreed upon amount that is fixed at the inception of the Contract. In a cost reimbursable contract, the fixed fee includes the contractor’s direct and indirect administrative costs and profit allocable to the Contract.
Fixed Fee means any payment under this Specification for Contract Work on the basis of a specified fee rather than on Hourly Rates;
Fixed Fee means an amount specified in a SOW that is fixed and not dependent on the time spent or costs incurred by IHS in performing the Services.

Examples of Fixed Fee in a sentence

  • Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) method of payment shall be used for all Task Order work unless (1) the nature of the work directed is appropriate to Specific Rate of Pay (SROP) payment method (such as construction management services, research & development, and staffing support services); (2) the payment method is approved by the CDOT Project Manager and Contracting Officer; and (3) the payment method is reflected in the Task Order Proposal at the time of execution.

  • For Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Specified Rate, and Unit Cost - Fixed cost items to be billed at the fixed cost rate.

  • This project will utilize the Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) method of compensation.

  • Contract Type shall be Cost-Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF), Cost-Plus-Incentive Fee (CPIF), or Cost-Plus Award Fee (CPAF).

  • NOTE: For Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Specified Rate, and Unit Cost - Miscellaneous other direct expenses up to $100 per unit will be reimbursed at cost if approved and documented in advance by the State's Project Manager.

More Definitions of Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee means a fixed fee as specified in Annex 2 (Cases, Fixed Fees and Hourly Rates (Controlled Work));
Fixed Fee means the dollar amount per annum payable by the NCC to the Contractor for each Year of the Term of the Contract.
Fixed Fee this means a fixed fee in amount in the respective transaction currency as set out below: FIXED FEE IN TRANSACTION CURRENCY Australian dollars: AUD 0.30 Mexican pesos: MXN 4.00 Brazilian real: BRL 0.60 New Taiwan dollars: TWD 10.00 British pounds sterling: GBP 0.20 New Zealand dollars: NZD 0.45 Canadian dollars: CAD 0.30 Norwegian kroner: NOK 2.80 Czech koruna: CZK 10.00 Philippine pesos: PHP 15.00 Danish kroner: DKK 2.60 Polish zloty: PLN 1.35 Euros: EUR 0.35 Russian rubles: RUB 10.00 Hong Kong dollars: HKD 2.35 Swedish kronor: SEK 3.25 Hungarian forint: HUF 90.00 Swiss francs: CHF 0.55 Israeli new shekels: ILS 1.20 Singapore dollars: SGD 0.50 Japanese yen: JPY 40.00 Thai baht: THB 11.00 Malaysian ringgit: MYR 2.00 US dollars: USD 0.30
Fixed Fee means the total fee amount payable for Work performed by the Consultant or subconsultant as applicable and is the product of the Fixed Fee Percent multiplied by the total Direct Labor Costs on Cost Plus Fixed Fee Work Orders.
Fixed Fee shall have the meaning given thereto in Section 6.01(a);
Fixed Fee has the meaning given to it in GC 13.1.
Fixed Fee means a definite and predetermined fee.