Extended Expiration Date definition

Extended Expiration Date means November 30, 2050 or such earlier date as determined in accordance with Section 11.
Extended Expiration Date means June 1, 2033.

Examples of Extended Expiration Date in a sentence

The portion of the term of the Lease beginning on the date immediately following the Existing Expiration Date (the “Extension Date”) and ending on the Extended Expiration Date shall be referred to herein as the “Extended Term”.

The Agreement shall expire on the Extended Expiration Date; provided, however, that during the period from the effective date of this Amendment until the Extended Expiration Date, the Agreement may be terminated earlier either by written notice from T- Mobile, by AT&T Missouri pursuant to the Agreement’s early termination provisions, by mutual agreement of the parties, or upon the effective date of a written and signed superseding agreement between the parties.

The Extended Expiration Date shall be established by the Board and shall correspond with the date of a regularly-scheduled Board meeting.

However, if the Board grants an extension to the Expiration Date under the procedure in§80.0701 below, the Board shall set a new Submittal Deadline applicable to the Extended Expiration Date, as set forth in such section.

The Consent Form shall contain a provision informing all potential signatories that their signatures, once given, are irrevocable until the Expiration Date or Extended Expiration Date (as applicable), absent misrepresentation or mistake in the inducement of such signatures.

More Definitions of Extended Expiration Date

Extended Expiration Date means November 30, 2005.
Extended Expiration Date means if a Limited Automatic Extension existed on Expiration, the earliest of (i) termination of your employment with the Company; (ii) if a Change in Control occurs prior to Expiration, two (2) years after the date thereof; or (iii) if an Open In Contemplation Event exists on Expiration, the earlier of the two (2) year period after the related Change in Control or termination of the obligations to close under the CIC Agreement creating the Open In Contemplation Event.