Majority Shareholders definition

Majority Shareholders means Xxxx Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx.
Majority Shareholders means, as of any date, the Shareholders holding a majority of the Common Shares of the Company on a fully-diluted, as converted basis then held by all Shareholders.
Majority Shareholders has the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(a).

Examples of Majority Shareholders in a sentence

  • Majority Shareholders (60 % or more) shall have the right and not the obligation to approve or disapprove of any issuance.

  • Majority Shareholders (60% or more) shall have the right but not obligation to approve, reject, abstain regarding the sale of company stock.

  • By: /s/ Mxxxxxx Xxxx Name: Mxxxxxx Xxxx Title: Managing Director Majority Shareholders: K LASER TECHNOLOGY INC.

  • The company intends to utilize financing instruments including high yield, leveraged loans, bank loans, credit revolvers, and other forms of transaction financing.Debt, Borrowing, Balance Sheet Expansion, Credit Management Risks, Debt Default Risks.We have no debt currently, but the company reserves the right to access the capital markets as the Board of Directors and Majority Shareholders consent thereto.

  • The Pre-emptive Rights Warrants may be exercised by BCE and the Majority Shareholders only to the extent that the holders of the Initial Warrants exercise such Initial Warrants.

More Definitions of Majority Shareholders

Majority Shareholders means, at any time, Shareholders holding a majority of the voting power represented by the shares of Capital Stock then held by all Shareholders (assuming conversion, exchange or exercise of all Convertible Securities held by such Shareholders).
Majority Shareholders means, as of any date, the holders of Voting Shares constituting fifty-two percent (52%) of the total Equivalent Shares represented by all of the Voting Shares outstanding on such date.
Majority Shareholders means those holding a total number of shares (either directly or indirectly) in a legal entity that is equal to more that 10% of the total outstanding shares that have voting rights in that legal entity.
Majority Shareholders means the shareholders of the Company who from time to time are parties to such shareholders’ agreement which, vis-a-vis other single shareholders’ agreements relating to Shares, covers the largest number of Shares (or, if several shareholders’ agreements cover the same number of Shares, the parties to all such agreements).
Majority Shareholders means Segulah III L.P, Segulah IV L.P and/or any other fund launched as a "Segulah" fund from time to time.
Majority Shareholders means JLL Patheon Co-Investment Fund, L.P. and Koninklijke DSM N.V., and each of their respective Affiliates, in each case who beneficially own, directly or indirectly, Shares.
Majority Shareholders means the Shareholder or Shareholders holding, in the aggregate, at least a majority of the aggregate outstanding Shares.