Execution service definition

Execution service means acting in accordance with the Client’s orders to conclude agreements to buy or sell one or more financial instruments for and on the Client’s behalf.

Examples of Execution service in a sentence

  • Execution, service, and return—(Rule)See Federal Rules of Criminal ProcedureMethod and time for execution, service and return of search warrant, Rule 41(c), (d).(June 25, 1948, ch.

  • Execution, service, and return—(Rule)SEE FEDERAL RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDUREMethod and time for execution, service and return of search warrant, Rule 41(c), (d).(June 25, 1948, ch.

  • Execution, service, and certification of the warrant or summons shall be as provided in Minnesota Rules of Criminal Procedure 3.03.

  • While this test presents a simple example, the strategies that the Manager service uses to distribute Execution service instances offer interesting possibilities for adjusting at runtime to both the query patterns of users and the changing loads of hosts involved in a query.

  • The graph in Figure 12 illustrates the results of these queries.For queries run against more than 64 Execution service instances on one host, 8000075000700006500060000Milliseconds5500050000450004000035000300002500020000150001000050000Scalability OptimizedNon-Optimized2 4 8 16 32 64 124# of Executions GSs in Query Executions Figure 12: PPerfGrid ScalabilityThis figure represents the execution times of queries run against 2 to 124 Execution service instances.

  • The process modelling service provides a visualised user interface as well as sufficient and straightforward modelling elements for planning and defining the workflow model of business processes.The Workflow Execution service is implemented as one or a group of cooperative workflow engines.

  • As illustrated, the distribution of Execution service instances across two hosts results in an mean speedup of 2.14 or a mean relative change of 113.78% over queries run against Execution service instances on a single host.

  • For example, given a query for a Performance Result from a comparison set of 32 Executions for data existing in two replicated data stores, the Manager Grid service, as currently implemented, would instantiate 16 Execution service instances on one host and 16 on the other.

  • Any future queries to the Execution service instance first check the cache, only accessing the Mapping Layer and the data store if a miss occurs.

  • A set of tests should also be run to evaluate the performance improvement resulting from the caching of Performance Results in Execution service instances.Several features of GT3.2 have not been utilized in this version of PPerfGrid and would improve the application's functionality.

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  • Generation Service means the sale of electricity, including ancillary services such as the provision of reserves, to a Customer by a Competitive Supplier.

  • Interconnection Service means the physical and electrical interconnection of the Customer Facility with the Transmission System pursuant to the terms of Tariff, Part IV and Tariff, Part VI and the Interconnection Service Agreement entered into pursuant thereto by Interconnection Customer, the Interconnected Transmission Owner and Transmission Provider. Interconnection Service Agreement:

  • Basic generation service or "BGS" means electric generation

  • Transmission Service means Point-To-Point Transmission Service provided under Tariff, Part II on a firm and non-firm basis.

  • certification service provider means a person who has been granted a licence to issue a digital signature certificate;

  • Interconnection Service(s means any Interconnection, Resale Services, 251(c)(3) UNEs, Collocation, functions, facilities, products or services offered under this Agreement.

  • Network Integration Transmission Service means the transmission service provided under Tariff, Part III.

  • Transmission Services the services provided by the Transmission Provider(s) to the Distributor;

  • Information Service is the offering of a capability for generating, acquiring, storing, transforming, processing, retrieving, utilizing, or making available information via Telecommunications, and includes electronic publishing, but does not include any use of any such capability for the management, control, or operation of a Telecommunications system or the management of a Telecommunications Service.

  • Construction Services means either of the following for construction-manager-at-risk, design-build and job-order-contracting project delivery methods:

  • Interconnection Service Agreement means an agreement among the Transmission Provider, an Interconnection Customer and an Interconnected Transmission Owner regarding interconnection under Tariff, Part IV and Tariff, Part VI. List of Approved Contractors:

  • Installation Services means all those services ancillary to the supply of the Plant and Equipment for the Facilities, to be provided by the Contractor under the Contract; e.g., transportation and provision of marine or other similar insurance, inspection, expediting, site preparation works (including the provision and use of Contractor’s Equipment and the supply of all construction materials required), installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, operations, maintenance, the provision of operations and maintenance manuals, training, etc.

  • Implementation Services has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.

  • Electric generation service means the provision of retail

  • Transmission Service Provider means the entity that administers the transmission tariff and provides transmission service to transmission customers under applicable transmission service agreements.

  • Basic generation service provider or "provider" means a

  • Construction Service Agreement means either an Interconnection Construction Service Agreement or an Upgrade Construction Service Agreement.

  • Transmission Service Agreement or “TSA” shall mean the agreement entered into between Long Term Transmission Customer(s) and the TSP pursuant to which TSP shall build, own, operate and maintain the Project and make available the assets of the Project to Long Term Transmission Customer(s) on a commercial basis;

  • Network Transmission Service means transmission service provided pursuant to the rates, terms and conditions set forth in Tariff, Part III, or transmission service comparable to such service that is provided to a Load Serving Entity that is also a Transmission Owner.

  • Preconstruction services means services and other activities during the design phase.

  • Surplus Interconnection Service means any unneeded portion of Interconnection Service established in an Interconnection Service Agreement, such that if Surplus Interconnection Service is utilized, the total amount of Interconnection Service at the Point of Interconnection would remain the same. Switching and Tagging Rules:

  • Application Services means the hosted applications and related services as described in Exhibit A.

  • Transition Services means a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability that:

  • Transportation Service means a service for moving people and goods, such as intercity bus service and passenger rail service.

  • Communication service means a service capable of accessing, connecting with, or interfacing with a 9-1-1 system, exclusively through the numerals 9-1-1, by dialing, initializing, or otherwise activating the 9-1-1 system through the numerals 9-1-1 by means of a local telephone device, cellular telephone device, wireless communication device, interconnected voice over the internet device, or any other means.

  • Education service provider means an education management organization, school