Exclusively definition

Exclusively. Used exclusively” means used to the exclusion of all other uses except for other uses not exceeding 5% of total use.
Exclusively means solely and without exception.
Exclusively means that the motor trucks, truck tractors, road tractors, buses, trailers, and semitrailers are used solely as common or contract carriers to the exclusion of all other uses, except that the sales and use tax exemption for this tangible per- sonal property will not be invalidated by an infrequent and spo- radic use other than as a common or contract carrier.

Examples of Exclusively in a sentence

Exclusively religious, charitable, etc., contributions to organizations described in section 501(c)(7), (8), or (10) that total more than $1,000 for the year from any one contributor.

We further undertake that the [name of supplier] is a sole agent /Exclusively authorized dealer for the territory of Health Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan.

To confirm that the payment has been made, the applicant must indicate the payment details of the bank's transfer transaction in the appropriate space provided in IB's Form MM2(E) Application for International Registration Governed Exclusively by the Madrid Protocol at the time of filing.

Exclusively in his employment .The technical staff should be available at site whenever required by Engineer-in-Charge to take instructions.

Exclusively religious, charitable, etc., individual contributions to section 501(c)(7), (8), or (10) organizations aggregatingmore than $1,000 for the year.

More Definitions of Exclusively

Exclusively means only for business. You can’t use the home office for any personal, family or investment activities. Having a television in your home office is ordinarily evidence of personal use — with a possible exception for those who can show a professional need to keep up with the news via broadcast or cable media. If you keep your computer in your home office you can’t let your kids (or yourself) play video games on it, nor can you use it to write personal letters or balance your family checkbook.
Exclusively in statute means "primarily." "primarily" can also define other things. Maybe lobbying for an unrelated purpose (land use when you operate an animal shelter).
Exclusively in this context means this service is reserved for only 1 exhibitor; possibly in combination with the organizer and his co-operation partners.
Exclusively means all profits generated by any site, project, product, effort, or activity in connection with which the licensed mark is used must solely be used to nurture the Asterisk open source project. For example, if support provided via a website which uses Sangoma’s marks results in revenue exclusively used to pay and support technicians in supporting Sangoma’s Asterisk open source software, this is exclusively used to nurture the Asterisk open source project. If part of the money is used to fund development or support of any product other than Sangoma’s Asterisk open source software (including forks of Asterisk) this is not exclusive use of the Asterisk open source project.
Exclusively means more than 90%;
Exclusively means primarily
Exclusively means that a community depends on physical conditions, but not only. In certain parts of the Origin, Darwin disregarded physical conditions and stressed biotic interactions, namely competition and predation, whereas in other parts he recognised the importance of both biotic and abiotic drivers.