Establish definition

Establish means to determine the position of a corner either physically or mathematically.
Establish means the construction of a health care

Examples of Establish in a sentence

  • We seek to: Establish and maintain good personal relationships and genuine partnership between pupils, staff, parents and governors in an atmosphere of friendship, trust and mutual respect.

  • Establish long-term relationships of trust with specific editors and reporters.

  • Establish and sustain the boundaries of the supervision relationship Reflect on the need for negotiating clear boundaries for supervision work.

  • Shortcomings leave a poor impression of the convention, in general.- Establish generous desk hours, even if shifts are required.

  • In that sense, the Contractor has to:- Ensure that the project results have the required qualitative levels and are delivered in accordance with the deadlines set;- Establish contractual relationships with the CFCU;- Ensure a sound reporting, according to the contractual conditions.

More Definitions of Establish

Establish means define, document (in writing or electronically), and im- plement.
Establish means to construct a new or laterally expanded MSWLF unit.
Establish means the construction oE a health care
Establish or "Establishment" means the construction of a new health care facility, the licensing of unlicensed buildings or structures as a health care facility, the replacement of an existing health care facility on another site, or the initiation of a category of service as defined by the Board. [20 ILCS 3960/3]
Establish or “Establishment” means the manipulation of the physical, chemical, or biological characteristics present to develop an aquatic resource that did not previously exist at an upland site. Establishment results in a gain in aquatic resource area and Functions.
Establish means to set up, to institute, to place on a firm basis.