Environmental Consultants definition

Environmental Consultants means E Cubed, Inc., ENSR Corporation, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc., STS Consultants, Ltd and Separation Systems Consultants, Inc.
Environmental Consultants means one or more third-party environmental consultants with expertise in the relevant jurisdictions.
Environmental Consultants will have the meaning set forth in Section 4.09 hereof.

Examples of Environmental Consultants in a sentence

  • Local Authorities and 15 Environmental Consultants were consulted over a four week period in 2011 during the production of this guidance.

  • Domestic Environmental Consultants (DEC) will be appointed by each IPIU to update the existing IEEs in the detailed design stage, and to prepare IEEs or EIAs for new subprojects, where required to comply with national law and/or ADB procedure.

  • This document contains information obtained and collated by Associated Environmental Consultants Inc.

  • A more complete discussion can be found in The Human Landscape in Southeastern New Mexico: A Class I Overview of Cultural Resources Within the Bureau of Land Management’s Carlsbad Field Office Region, published in 2012 by SWCA Environmental Consultants.

  • Engineering and Environmental Consultants were appointed in Dec 2019 for Flood Risk Management works on the Deansgrange Stream.

More Definitions of Environmental Consultants

Environmental Consultants has the meaning given such term in Section 10.6 hereof.
Environmental Consultants means Xxxxxx Xxxxx Associates and Access Environmental Solutions, Inc., or such other nationally recognized environmental consultant appointed by Administrative Agent and, so long as no Default or Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, reasonably acceptable to the Borrower.
Environmental Consultants shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3(d) hereof.
Environmental Consultants means (a) for all Current Sites other than California, ENVIRON International Corporation and (b) for the current California Company manufacturing facility, the technical consultant retained by the Potential Mortgage Lender.
Environmental Consultants means a reputable firm of environmental consultants who have been approved in writing by the Company and the Contractor in advance of their appointment and with whom the Company or the Contractor as appropriate has entered into a contract of appointment, of which the terms of appointment and scope the works have been agreed in advance with the other party and which in any event establishes that any report produced by the Environmental Consultants in relation to the Environmental Audit is addressed to and made available to the Company as well as to the Contractor and that the Environmental Consultants owe an equal duty of care to both the Company and the Contractor in carrying out the Environmental Audit and reporting on their findings.
Environmental Consultants means Environ UK Limited of 0 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX
Environmental Consultants means Law Environmental, Inc. or Fugro Environmental Inc., or any other independent consultant, expert or advisor approved by Lender.