Engineer-In-Charge (EIC definition

Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means the Engineer officer authorised to direct, supervise and be In-charge of the works for the purpose of this contract who shall supervise and be in charge of the work.
Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means the Executive Engineer of concerned Division of MED in respect of that municipal town or the authorized representative of the concerned Local Body.
Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means Assistant Executive Engineer.

Examples of Engineer-In-Charge (EIC in a sentence

  • The bidder shall plan such maintenances during non peak hours and in consultancy with the Engineer-In-Charge (EIC) of OWNER.

  • Engineer Engineer-In-Charge (EIC) or Engineer means the Employers personnel authorized to direct, supervise and be in-charge of the works on behalf of the Employer.

  • The Contractor shall execute the work in co-ordination with the Engineer-In-Charge (EIC) of the work.

  • Sites are considered active until they are completely accepted by the Engineer-In-Charge (E.I.C.).

  • Samples of materials shall wherever required shall be submitted and got approved by Engineer-In-Charge (E.I.C.) before use in installation.

More Definitions of Engineer-In-Charge (EIC

Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means the Assistant Engineer of Burdwan Municipality or the authorized representative of the concerned Local Body.
Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means the authorized representative nominated by STC.
Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means Executive Engineer (E/M).
Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means Engineer responsible for the execution of the work of Solar PV Power Project.
Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means the Department’s Project Manager or designated representative when used in the NYSDOT standard specifications. When used in the Archaeological Work Plan (AWP), the Construction Protection Plan (CPP), and the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Engineer-in-Charge (EIC) means the Design-Builder’s Resident Engineer.
Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means the person designated from time to time by the COMPANY and shall include those who are expressly authorized by the COMPANY to act for and on its behalf for operation of the contract.
Engineer-In-Charge (EIC means the Engineer Officer of HITES as mentioned in the schedule “F” hereunder, as authorized by HITES/ Client.