Energy Cost definition

Energy Cost means cost of energy used for heating a Dwelling Unit, Apartment, or Rental Unit.
Energy Cost means the cost of the Energy Consumption at the Schools for a given period equal to the sum of all Energy related Utility bills for that period;

Examples of Energy Cost in a sentence

  • The Steam Plant Fuel Cost Adjustment tariff.When the billing period includes a change in the charges of an above referenced Energy Cost Adjustment tariff, the customer’s bill shall be prorated accordingly.

  • The System Marginal Energy Cost (SMEC) component of the LMP reflects the marginal cost of providing Energy from a designated reference Location.

  • At each PNode or Aggregated PNode, the Marginal Cost of Losses is the System Marginal Energy Cost multiplied by the Marginal Loss factor at that PNode or Aggregated PNode.

  • First - Plus or minus an amount determined in accordance with Company's effective Energy Cost Recovery Rider on file with the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

  • The M&V service is important due to the role it has in identifying achievement of the Guaranteed Energy Cost Performance, and the Payment Mechanism Deductions associated with non-performance.

More Definitions of Energy Cost

Energy Cost in respect of a Month, means the Adjusted Energy Usage for that Month multiplied by the applicable unit rates set forth in Schedule 8 (Baseline Energy Consumption, Baseline Unit Rates and Baseline Energy Cost).
Energy Cost with respect to the OPC Energy in question means [**]
Energy Cost means the (i) actual cost of fuel (and not any other costs), in United States Dollars (per MWh), incurred by OPC with respect to Electric Energy produced by OPC Resources (other than the power contracts described below in this definition), as determined pursuant to the applicable OPC Contracts; (ii) the actual cost of fuel and variable operations and maintenance expenses under the block power purchase and sale agreements with Georgia Power Company; (iii) the costs described on Exhibit 3.5.3(iii) hereto with respect to the power purchase agreements with Big Rivers Electric Corporation and Entergy Power, Incorporated; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the Energy Cost with respect to Hartwell shall be deemed to be zero to the extent Power Marketer arranges for the delivery of gas at its expense to such plant. The energy cost associated with pumping water at Rocky Mountain is deemed to be at Power Marketer's expense pursuant to Section 4.3.4 of this Agreement.
Energy Cost means the variable cost in the Generator’s PPA normally comprising an Energy element and a variable operations and maintenance element;
Energy Cost with respect to the OPC Energy in question means [_____]*
Energy Cost with respect to the OPC Energy under both this Agreement and the November 1996 Agreement [**] ** Material has been omitted pursuant to a request to the Commission for confidential treatment and has been filed separately with the Commission.
Energy Cost with respect to the OPC Energy in question shall be as defined in Section 5.1.