Unit Rates Sample Clauses

Unit Rates. Providers agree to either a pre-negotiated rate or, case-by-case depending on the service being provided. The rate charged shall not vary unless authorized by CareWell Services SW Providers may apply to increase rates, subject to CareWell Services, SW approval and with no guarantee that increases will be accepted. Increases may not occur more often than once every twelve (12) months. All purchases services will be authorized using a Service Authorization form and must be formally approved.
Unit Rates. We have indicated in the relevant forms enclosed, the unit rates for the purpose of on account of payment as well as for price adjustment in case of any increase to / decrease from the scope of work under the contract.
Unit Rates. The unit rates stated in Appendix 1 Schedule of Prices are fixed during the entire Agreement period. Overtime and working on odd hours are accounted on hourly rates equal to normal working hours. Travel expenses are all travel expenses, excluding local transportation by any means within the Greater Copenhagen area, are reimbursed. All travel by any means and accommodation shall be within standard class category. The Employer pays expenses for following expenses excluding management expenses:  Expenses for models, photographs leased drawings and other material used for clarification of the assignment and produced by arrangement with the client. Expenses for printing and reproduction are not refunded.  Charges mad for the certificates and other official documents etc. Required for carrying out the assignment.  Expenses for special consults engaged in accordance with the previous agreement with the client. Any cost of additional service(s) and/or adjustment(s) to scope of services are subject to the Employer’s approval prior to commencement in accordance with the requirements stated in above section 5 Time Schedules. 7 PaymentFee and expenses are paid monthly as per account rendered. Payment will be at the latest 30 days after the Employer’s receipt of correct invoice. All invoices shall state the Employer´s project number and a review-list of all employees on the project, hourly rates, and hour consumption divided into employee categories incl. travel expenses (if any) shall be attached. Invoices covering expenses shall have copies of expense receipts attached.

Related to Unit Rates

  • Overhead Rates The Engineer shall use the provisional overhead rate indicated in Attachment E. If a periodic escalation of the provisional overhead rate is specified in Attachment E, the effective date of the revised provisional overhead rate must be included. For lump sum contracts, the overhead rate remains unchanged for the entire contract period.

  • FIXED RATES If a fixed rate is in this Agreement, it is based on an estimate of the costs for the period covered by the rate. When the actual costs for this period are determined, an adjustment will be made to a rate of a future year(s) to compensate for the difference between the costs used to establish the fixed rate and actual costs.

  • Performance Adjustment Rate Except as otherwise provided in sub-paragraph (e) of this paragraph 3, the Performance Adjustment Rate is 0.02% for each percentage point (the performance of the Portfolio and the Index each being calculated to the nearest 0.01%) that the Portfolio's investment performance for the performance period was better or worse than the record of the Index as then constituted. The maximum performance adjustment rate is 0.20%. For purposes of calculating the performance adjustment of the Portfolio, the Portfolio's investment performance will be based on the performance of Institutional Class. The performance period will commence with the effective date of this contract. During the first eleven months of the performance period for the Portfolio, there will be no performance adjustment. Starting with the twelfth month of the performance period, the performance adjustment will take effect. Following the twelfth month a new month will be added to the performance period until the performance period equals 36 months. Thereafter the performance period will consist of the current month plus the previous 35 months. The Portfolio's investment performance will be measured by comparing (i) the opening net asset value of one share of Institutional Class of the Portfolio on the first business day of the performance period with (ii) the closing net asset value of one share of Institutional Class of the Portfolio as of the last business day of such period. In computing the investment performance of Institutional Class of the Portfolio and the investment record of the Index, distributions of realized capital gains, the value of capital gains taxes per share paid or payable on undistributed realized long-term capital gains accumulated to the end of such period and dividends paid out of investment income on the part of Institutional Class of the Portfolio, and all cash distributions of the securities included in the Index, will be treated as reinvested in accordance with Rule 205-1 or any other applicable rules under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as the same from time to time may be amended.

  • Number Resources, Rate Center Areas and Routing Points 13.1 Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to limit or otherwise adversely affect in any manner either Party’s right to employ or to request and be assigned any Central Office Codes (“NXX”) pursuant to the Central Office Code Assignment Guidelines and any relevant FCC or Commission orders, as may be amended from time to time, or to establish, by Tariff or otherwise, Rate Center Areas and Routing Points corresponding to such NXX codes.

  • Applicable Interest Rates (a) Each Loan shall bear interest until maturity (whether by acceleration, declaration, extension or otherwise) at either the Base Rate or the Eurodollar Rate, as selected and specified by the Borrowers in an Interest Rate Election Notice furnished to the Lender in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.5.2(e), or as otherwise determined in accordance with the provisions of this ARTICLE II, and as may be adjusted from time to time in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.5.3 (Inability to Determine Eurodollar Base Rate).

  • Overtime Rates 24.1 When working on an eight (8) hour day and five (5) day per week work schedule (Monday to Friday inclusive), overtime work shall be paid at one and one-half (1 1/2) times the basic hourly rate for all hours worked beyond the normal daily scheduled number of hours up to a maximum of 2 hours per day. All hours in excess of 10 hours per day shall be paid at two (2) times the base hourly rate. When working on a ten (10) hour day and four (4) day per week work schedule (Monday to Friday inclusive), overtime work shall be paid at one and one-half (1 1/2) times the basic hourly rate for all hours worked beyond the normal daily scheduled number of hours up to a maximum of 2 hours per day. All hours in excess of 12 hours per day shall be paid at two (2) times the base hourly rate. Overtime work performed on Saturday, Sunday, Recognized Holidays and non-shift days shall be paid at two (2) times the basic hourly rate.

  • Rates The Borrower promises to pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of each Lender interest on the unpaid principal amount of each Loan made by such Lender for the period from and including the date of the making of such Loan to but excluding the date such Loan shall be paid in full, at the following per annum rates:

  • Interest Rates and Payment Dates (a) Each Eurodollar Loan shall bear interest for each day during each Interest Period with respect thereto at a rate per annum equal to the Eurodollar Rate determined for such day plus the Applicable Margin.

  • Wage Rates Contractor shall post a copy of the wage rates at the job site and shall pay the adopted prevailing wage rates as a minimum. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1773 of the Labor Code of the State of California, the Board of Supervisors has obtained the general prevailing rate of per diem wages and the general prevailing rate for holiday and overtime work in this locality for each craft, classification, or type of xxxxxxx needed to execute this Contract from the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations. These rates are on file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Copies may be obtained at cost at the office of County's OC Public Works/OC Facilities & Asset Management/A&E Project Management or visit the website of the Department of Industrial Relations, Prevailing Wage Unit at xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/XXXX/XXX. The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of Sections 1774, 1775, 1776 and 1813 of the Labor Code.

  • Accrual Rates All eligible employees shall accrue vacation pay according to the following rates: