Element definition

Element means-each Transmission Line or each circuit of the Transmission Lines (where there are more than one circuit) or each bay of the Sub-station or switching station or HVDC terminal or inverter station of the Project, including ICTs, Reactors, SVC, FSC, etc. forming part of the ISTS which will be owned, operated and maintained by the concerned ISTS Licensee, and which may have a separate scheduled COD as per Schedule 2 of the Transmission Service Agreement and may have a separate percentage for recovery of Transmission Charges on achieving COD as per Schedule 5 of the Transmission Service Agreement;
Element means any electrical device with terminals that may be connected to other electrical devices such as a generator, transformer, circuit breaker, bus section, or transmission line. An Element may be comprised of one or more components.**

Examples of Element in a sentence

  • Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools for the following professional staff in accordance with the requirements of Element 6, Indicator 6.5 of the monitoring process.

  • DepartmentPosition DepartmentPosition DepartmentPosition DepartmentPosition DepartmentPosition DepartmentPosition MOC 2: Element A Factor 2: Describe the clinical staff’s roles and responsibilities, including oversight functions noted in Factor 1.‌ Security Health Plan is staffed and organized as a comprehensive organization with a full complement of clinical departments and positions necessary to support its model of care.

  • Section 2.3 of the amended Master Declaration states, in pertinent part, (i)Improvements, alterations or changes may be made to any building or Common Element of Harbor Houses Condominium to the extent permitted by its Declaration as of June 30, 2007.

  • Sections 2.3(a)(i), 2.3(a)(i)(A); 2.3(a)(i)(D); 2.3(a)(i)(N).Harbor Houses Declaration.11 Plaintiff proposes to expand his Unit into his yard, which is a Limited Common Element.

  • Thus, while the Act expressly permits and authorizes Plaintiff to make improvements or alterations exclusively within the Unit’s “boundaries,” the Act does not automatically grant Plaintiff the absolute right to expand beyond his Unit’s “boundaries.” Therefore, the Court must next consider whether an individual unit owner has a right to expand his unit’s “boundaries” or “footprint” onto a Limited Common Element.

More Definitions of Element

Element means any part of a unit or any group of parts of a unit that are assembled to perform a specific function, for example, a pump seal, pump, kiln liner, or kiln thermocouple.
Element means any electrical device that has at least one terminal that is operated at greater than 50 kV and that may be connected to other electrical devices, and is usually associated with a generator, transformer, transmission circuit, circuit breaker, HVDC pole, series or shunt compensating device or bus section;
Element or sub-component shall mean the sub-sections of each component, such as 2.2.1, 2.2.2, etc. 18
Element means the SpectroCHIP(TM)technology, and the Reaction Components B, as set forth in Appendix B, required for the MassARRAY System to produce a mass spectrum from the reaction products located at a single defined area (a.k.a. "Position") located on the SpectroCHIP, ************** *************************************************************************** **************************************************************************. By way of example, for the 96-D SpectroCHIP, each SpectroCHIP contains ninety six (96) Positions, so that for the MassARRAY System processing a SpectroCHIP that has a biopolymer sample *******************************, ninety six (96) Elements are used and consumed under this definition.